Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ozine Fest 2010: day 1 and last visit

While waiting the SM Megamall to open we have some breakfast in Jolibee
with my 2 brother's and my older brother wife and we chat while waiting
when the mall was open everybody rush in to be first in line to get the ticket sadly for us we get the quarter of the line and there still more coming.

 And this two are flirting each while me and my younger brother wait in line(grr)
good thing i picture some cosplayer at the line before entering the Ozine fest hehe
I got the ticket so time to enter hehehe
I need to register at a Online game to get free CD and poster from them
and get some girls to picture with me hehe
all to get the games hehe
Time for Figma picture time and the first figma is Fate Tesstorossa from Magical Lyrical Nanoha Striker S
next Takamachi Nanoha Figma from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S
                                            Sigmun in Nanoha Striker S
                                                       Vita in the Nanoha Series too
Saber Lily Figma from Fate Unlimited Codes(very nice hehe) but a porblem accurred, I ran out of batteries so i got to buy some.
After i get my new battery, It time for lunch so break from excitement for awhile hehe

 Ok back to Picture this time is Disney Japan new robot anime "Droozel"
                                                                 Mio from K-ON!
 and for the last is Hayate figma in Nanoha Striker S with super flash yeah!!!!

Here all the cosplayer i got so try to find out who are there character
                                                                    very doll face indeed
                                                          Team Code Geass
                                                                 Cute Miku Cosplayer
                                                                  Ozine Maid Cafe Yay!!!
                                                                Team Hitman Reborn
                                                            Team K-ON! without Mugi
                                                      Van from GetBackers
                                                            Team Cross(Trigun+Chrno Crusade)
                                                        Team Black Rock Shooter
                                                       I am being electrified by Hei
                                                                 Team Gintama
                                                                      War Machine!!!!!!
                                                        do they look like to you?
                                                       Kairi meets Yuna
                                                                     Team Bleach
                                                   Batter Up
                                                          Dark Vader is here to take picture too
                                                  Team D.Gray-man
                                                            That's All the Cosplay i Can get

next is the Japanese game that me and my brother play and this is exciting
                   This is the gold fishing game I play it once and is sure hard to catch gold fish but is fun
                  Next up is the Dart game were you need to hit 2 red and 1 white, let see if i get it
                                                Damn! Miss it oh well i will try it next time
next a free shooting game sponsored by Toy Kingdom with there new toy, let see how good i my brother jace do
Damn! he's good!!
and every body try it
Next the sale of raw japanese magazine buy one if you can read japanese
peace with my brother's
or fish
well that's all
Time for us to go home
This is Chev saying see you later
partner with Mask Teddy Bear hehe

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