Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bungaku Shoujo Movie

The story started at Konoha Inoue is a seemingly normal senior high 2nd year student. His high school life, other than a hinted incident 2 years ago, can be summed up as normal- if one can dismissed the secret fact that he used to be a female bestselling romance author. Due to an incident, however, he has now vowed never to write again.

This continued on until he was forced to join the literary club by the literary club president, the 3rd year female student Amano Tooko, a beautiful girl who has a taste of eating literary works

Konoha and Amano's daily life were interrupted when a 1st year student, Takeda Chia, asked the Literary Club to help her with her love life- she has a crush on her senpai and wants the literary club to write her a love confession letter. The club president agreed and Konoha is tasked with helping Takeda.

As the story progresses, however, certain facts appeared and Konoha became increasingly unease. Who is Takeda's senpai? What is Takeda hiding? What does all these have to do with a student who committed suicide 10 years ago? As he and Amano dive deeper into the mystery, they find themselves surrounded by lies, betrayals, deceits, deficiencies in human nature, and their grim resolutions.

It would a Romance and a tragic love story, I hope it won't be a bad ending at least make it a wonderful ending. There are news after the movie, they will put three episode of Ova known as "Bungaku Shoujo Memoire" release at June 25, Oct. 29 and Dec 24 on this year

Here a trailer of Bungaku Shoujo

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