Rate A.M.G.

About How I Rate Anime, Manga and Games:

For Anime:

Animation: Smooth and clear graphic, like Blue Ray or Xvid.

Character: The voice that fits the character's personality.

Story line: Anything that are unique or interesting that won't bore me for the whole series, whether their Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Mystery and Slice of Life.

Sound: Soundtrack or background music that fits the story.

Overall: Depends How good is the anime.

"Watching Anime with excitement!!"

For Manga:

Story line: Same as the Anime, unique or interesting.

Drawing/Art: Appearance that fits the Characters and the story.

Chapters: I'm good with an Average of 20 chapters or more, shorter than that sure a disappointing feeling or makes me angry about it.

Overall: Depends How good is the Manga.

"Reading Manga never look this GOOD!!"

For Game:

Story/Setting: Got to be well explain, not too much details, and Interesting that won't bore you, even you finish it many times.

Sound: Soundtrack and Sound effects that fits in the Game and the story

Graphics: Smooth and clear graphics, whether their 2D or 3D graphic.

Game play: Challenging battles and Decision making that fits the Story.

Play time: usually that good for 5 days or a week. It would be better that would last a Month hehe:)

Overall: Depends How good is the Game.

"His gaming skill is more god-like than human"
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