Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bungaku Shoujo Movie

The story started at Konoha Inoue is a seemingly normal senior high 2nd year student. His high school life, other than a hinted incident 2 years ago, can be summed up as normal- if one can dismissed the secret fact that he used to be a female bestselling romance author. Due to an incident, however, he has now vowed never to write again.

This continued on until he was forced to join the literary club by the literary club president, the 3rd year female student Amano Tooko, a beautiful girl who has a taste of eating literary works

Konoha and Amano's daily life were interrupted when a 1st year student, Takeda Chia, asked the Literary Club to help her with her love life- she has a crush on her senpai and wants the literary club to write her a love confession letter. The club president agreed and Konoha is tasked with helping Takeda.

As the story progresses, however, certain facts appeared and Konoha became increasingly unease. Who is Takeda's senpai? What is Takeda hiding? What does all these have to do with a student who committed suicide 10 years ago? As he and Amano dive deeper into the mystery, they find themselves surrounded by lies, betrayals, deceits, deficiencies in human nature, and their grim resolutions.

It would a Romance and a tragic love story, I hope it won't be a bad ending at least make it a wonderful ending. There are news after the movie, they will put three episode of Ova known as "Bungaku Shoujo Memoire" release at June 25, Oct. 29 and Dec 24 on this year

Here a trailer of Bungaku Shoujo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

K-ON! still on the top

The top spot went to Go! Go! Maniac with 25,592 and the number 2 spot to Listen!! with 24,026.
Some would say this is as much an indictment of Oricon’s rankings as it is an affirmation of K-ON!’s huge popularity.

I bet K-ON will stay on the top till next month, if they have no new song in K-ON!(but there is more song that going to show at anime hehehe)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Manga trashes its Mature Series

In a shocking announcement from one of the most popular free online manga source, OneManga has announced that it will be suspending its collection of series with mature content.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rozen Maiden Dollfies

I never expect to see a real doll made Rozen Maiden, and this will you think twice if they look alive in reality.
Here show the sleeping Shinku, who is the 5th Rozen Maiden and the first Rozen Maiden shown at anime, if you have this make you worried that she might hit all sudden(and i mean it), there are still 6 more Rozen Maiden to show(talk about a complete set and i want one!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angel Beats: New Opening Theme Review

At the episode 4, Yui who is a Number 1 fan of the Girls Dead Monster, volunteer to replace Iwasawa, who disappear after she accomplise her own song. The opening change Tenshin's Plano play to Yui's guitar rock making the other fan's of the Angel Beat think which is better opening theme

For me Tenshin's piano play give's off the feeling that is Clannad have come in a new series, but for Yui's guitar rock give's off the actual goal in Angel Beat making it more old school yet new feeling's(in other word's it good if not the same theme like clannad), but after the song, I did not except doing a accidental hang while she finish her performance, making look like Death Metal Rock you know what i mean, right?

so its up the others to decide which is best for me i go Yui-nyan for awhile until i get to hear a new opening theme, for now here the two opening, so you can decide it by listening to it.

Hatsune Miku is going to be on PS3!

I usually think that Sega is keep this game for themself and psp but seem that they share to the PS3 making the game more 3D sharp that make me buy a PS3 but it said that the Up coming Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd is different from the new release on the PS3

I got say it the same copy from the psp Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, but its PS3 so it got to be better if not what rip off

Friday, April 23, 2010

Naruto manga Chapter 492 review


Killerbee jumps into the boat where Naruto and the others are. He greets them with a "Hey yo!" Naruto gives a strange look at Bee and thinks if this Octopus is the one that will lead him. It's also revealed that Guy-Sensei is also with them on this journey but it seems he's a bit seasick.
The Island turns out to be a dangerous place filed with gigantic animalsm and Bee has tamed them all. He must be really strong. Makes me wonder if Kisame would've stood a chance if he didn't have that sword with him. A barrier has also been setup around the island to fortify its security to defend the Jinchurikis. Naruto seems to be impressed of the fact that he tamed all those gigantic animals and tamed even the Hachibi. Naruto goes to Bee's place and asks to be taught. Bee decides not to says he's on vacation. Naruto does a bit of rap himself and this seemed to hav gotten Bee's attention. Then Bee says something very strange to Naruto, "You've gotta start with a Greeting! Bump fists with me and give me a beat." Naruto bumps fist but then says, "your shades are pretty shady." That really didn't work out too well, so Naruto decides to use the same technique he used to get Jiraya to teach him. The Harem no Jutsu!! Well, that just made it worst and Bee shuts the door on Naruto. Naruto hates the way Bee is treating him. He feels he should be more sympathetic to him or just treat him nicely since they're both Jinchurikis. Bee doesn't seem to like Naruto's attitude. The chapter ends with the Komugakure Ninja telling Naruto that the first step Bee did to train was the waterfalls of truth. Naruto is told to close his eyes in front of it and he will see the truth. Naruto closed his eyes, and when he opened them an evil Naruto appeared.

My Comments
Wow, an evil Naruto. I think the waterfalls of truth shows you the dark side you've been keeping. After accepting this dark side, the person's will shall be more stable since he will have more self awareness. No more self denial or lying to himself. This was also the same thing the frog sages told him.
Now, as to why Bee was unaffected by the Harem no Jutsu, when every other ninja even Jiraya and the 3rd Hokage were not immune to, is beyond me. Could the Hachibi be gay?
Lastly, the bumping of fists must have a significant meaning for the Komugakure culture. This angle is yet to be revealed in the manga and might just be the key that will get Naruto to be taught by Bee.

Heroman Episode 4

After saving Joey's Grandma, Nick and Will are near to the enemy base trying to be heroes by stealing the Skrugg weapon's.
Joey and Psy safely bring Joey's Grandma in City Hall(While Stan Lee here seem having problem)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou: Episode 1

Like some anime they start to a mysterious past, this is about a woman wear a double cross, carrying a baby, worried to the unknow enemy, she leaving the child at a monestery and wishing to the hope that he'll bring. After the decade have the child have grown as a man
 He arrive at the train station to look for the bus to his school but accidently saw the underwear of the girl who pass by(but why rope like underwear), after that he saw a old woman drop her luggage and , he kindly help her to pick up the scattered luggage.

Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Camrip Review

The Camrip Review

Okay I really wasn't interested at first. I mean I never watch camrip movies, but when my brother told me it had a great sub by Mazui, I just couldn't wait for next year for a DVD rip, I just had to watch this. I was surprised that the movie was 2 hours and 41 minutes long. When I finished the movie I went ahead and downloaded an english e-book of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya light novel just to check the consistency. I haven't read the entire book yet, but I read the ending and it matches the ending of the movie. Wow! So this is what a Haruhi Suzumiya movie feels like. It was a wonderful experience. Great musical score, outstanding animation, and scenes that were reminiscent of Back to the Future and Evangelion. You also need to have watched all the previous episodes or read the book atleast or else you won't get most of Kyon will say in the middle of the film. And this is just a camrip version but I've already watched it twice. I'm watching it for the third time as I write this review. So I'll be waiting for DVDrip and subbed version. And I'll probably watch that several times again too. hehe!
Anyway, let me write this review now. I've never done a real movie review before so I'll just write what I think as I watch the movie. Kind of like a commentary on those original DVD's. This might be too long to write in one go, so I'll do this by parts. So let's begin!

The intro:
So the movie starts out with the guy fixing his camera and is at an awkward angle that you have to tilt your head to the side a bit.
Kyon wakes up for school. It's a cold morning for Kyon. The movie starts out with a monologue from Kyon as of any Haruhi Suzumiya episode. He blabs to himself about the weather, mother nature, and the Siberian Cold front. I'm always entertained by how Kyon thinks to himself. He meets Koizumi in the hallway and on this scene shows his classroom and a classmate of Koizumi. He walks with Taniguchi and they talk about Christmas Eve. The date is Dec 16. On the way to the SOS brigade club room Kyon meets Mikuru and Tsuruya on the hallway. He gets to the club room and only Nagato is there reading a book as usual. Kyon sits down and guess who barges in! It's Haruhi ofcourse! Then the camera zooms out of the room out of the clubroom window and then plays Bouken Desho Desho! The opening theme of the first season. Hearing the song after a long time feels so nostalgic. Then we get a treat of an opening sequence of Haruhi Vectors running around, exercising, and finally sinking down a trap door. That trapdoor part gave me a bit of a chill.

Oh man, This is just the intro. There is so much to write about this movie. I rarely get to love movie like this. I remember watching season one more than ten times. This movie isn't any different. Every moment and dialogue is vital. The animation is also so luscious and there's nostalgia everywhere on this film, and not just for the viewers but for Kyon as well. Again this was just a camrip version with a 2 black border on each side and a camera that keeps needing adjustment and blurs out every now and then. Gosh, this must be my longest post so far. Part two will probably be tommorow or next week.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rei, Asuka and the new Makinami Mari Figma

So nice to see the three girl's who pilot the Evangelion, the Figma of Mari is already release to other international shop, and etc

Heroman Episode 3

The Skrugg mothership have already arrive to American, Joey and his friend see upcoming danger

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bleach Chapter 400

Deicide 2

Rangiku Matsumoto gain consciousness and the first thing she notices is the presence of Ichimaru Gin.
Gin and Ichigo are still in the middle of their battle. After blocking the ultra long sword of Gin, he is surprised that he shortened the sword this time to the size of a small dagger. (Reminds me of Kujirou Sasaki from Yaiba) The two start hacking at each other but ichigo still keeps an eye out for the dagger fearing it could suddenly extend at any time. Ichigo feels somehow that something was off. After several hard blows from Gin that was dodged by Ichigo, he finally realized what it was. Gin's bankai is the speed of extending the sword, not its length. Meanwhile Gin talks to himself saying how scary Ichigo is for noticing it so quickly. I also comment to himslef of the speed of Ichigo's growth.
On the next scene, is between Aizen and Ichigo's Dad. He comments how Aizen seems to be slowing down. Aizen says he's at the end of his rope, but only as a Shinigami. He claims the Hogyoku is transforming his soul to become the supreme being.

My comments:
So the plot turns out that Aizen is just another one of those bad guys who wants to be a god. How often do we see this in Manga, anime, and video games. I'm actuall surprised that Ichigo's dad can keep up with Aizen. Is he really that strong? I'm still wondering what this means for ichigo. Okay, so his dad is a Shinigami, what could that possibly have to do with him become so strong so quickly? Why is Gin turning out to be scared of Ichigo's rapid growth?

Another thing I'd like to comment on is Gin's statement that his Zanpakuto is not the longest. If his sword isn't the longest, the whose is?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun: Episode 2

The Morning start a bit peaceful including Takumi's friends but Fumino want ask about the new girl that Otome pick up but was interrupted by Takumi's two guy friends, At class Fumino try to ask Takumi about the new girl with a bit tsundere emo but because of the wind, he got to see a nice orange and white view that trigger the Violent morning hehe, After that he tell to Fumino and the others about the new girl and her name is Nozomi Kiriya, who have a unknown background, Fumino think that she a orphan like her.

Naruto Chapter 491

Confining the Hosts

The frog with the scroll to release the Kyubi is being forced down Naruto's throat. The Frog is the size of 2 adult fists, so yes, it looks excruciating. Finally the smaller frog sage kicks the scroll frog in to shove it in completelty. After that he is told that he can now go back to Konoha. The Great Frog sage tells Naruto to look for the Octopus. He is said that it he will find the octopus in an Island that is a paradise to animals.
Naruto gets teleported back to the Ramen place. An adult ninja there asks for Naruto's Autograph (yeah, i know..) He's actually asking it for his kid who is a fan of Naruto. (Aren't we all?) Then another ninja beside him asks for it too. They're calling Naruto the miracle boy that saved Konoha. Even the Ramen guy noticed his growing popularity. He seems pleased with Naruto's new status and has a proud-for-Naruto look on his face.
On another scene, the Kages gather on a meeting. Tsunade is with them this time. The oldest of the kages asks where they should hide the Jinchuurikis. Tsunade is surprised by this because she was not in the previous meeting and forcefully objects because she says that they need Naruto's strength, but Gaara says he knows Naruto well and that he takes too much risks for his friends. But after a recommedation from Shikamaru's dad, Tsunade stubbornly agrees. The Raikage suggests they hide the Jinchurikis in Komugakure on a secret island where he and his brother trained. On the boat to the way to island Naruto and his party gets attacked by a Squid. (Does a squid and an octopus have differnt number of tentacles? I didn't know that) And Killerbee and the Hachibi shows up to the rescue.

My Comments:

I can understand Tsunade's frustration. Naruto was able to save Konoha single handedly from a force the entire village couldn't take out with its combined force. For Tsunade and for the most of Konoha, Naruto is a hero and the most powerful force Konoha has. He is still a genin though, right?

Naruto's rising popularity is good. His achievements so far are contrasting with Sasuke's. Naruto saves an entire village but Sasuke's defeated an entire village without killing them. I wonder which feat is greater? Sasuke has an Unextiquishable black flame, the Highest form of Illusion Justsu, and a big skeleton thinggy that also acts as the ultimate defense and offense. Naruto has his Sage Mode, the Kyubi's limitless Chakra, and the ability to summon a Giant Frog. I'm not sure how Sasuke will benefit fromn Itachi's eyes, but as far as I can see, Sasuke is already at an advantage with his Sharingan since Naruto still hasn't learned any counter from Illusion techniques and his Kyubi can be subdued by the Sharingan.

Maybe it is a good idea to hide Naruto and Killerbee in a dangerous Island to train. It's finally time Naruto learn some stuff from people who has actually controlled they're tailed beast, or got along with them atleast. Killer bee is the best guy for that. Why not Gaara? Well he didn't really get to control the Ichibi. He just let it go berserk, like what Naruto does often. So killerbee is the only candidate left since all other Jinchurikis are dead. The problem is if Killerbee brought Kisame with him. Then they're hiding would be in vain, and Kisame would learn of all the training that Killerbee and Naruto had done. He could also divulge their location so I guess hiding would be useless then. The only advantage i see is that the Island looks dangerous enough so Naruto can become stronger.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heroman Episode 2

After the first heroic display of Heroman, Joey thinks what he going to do to him(if were me i said use for world domination Lol) first he test how power is Heroman can be and this happen
So powerful enough to destroy a house size machine in the abandon factory(I wonder if Heroman can destroy a fleet in a sec) After that he fear that Heroman is too powerful and he think that he can't take responsibilty to have him,

Naruto Chapter 490

The chapter starts out with a conversation between Kabuto and Madara. Showing 5 corpses of fallen akatsuki members. The same jutsu Orochimaru used against the third Hokage. Kabuto wants to join forces with Madara and summoned a 6th corpse. This one shocked Madara the most but the corpse is not shown in the panels. In exchange, kabuto wants Sasuke. Madara agrees to join forces but gives a condition that he will only give Sasuke if Kabuto can prove his strength in battle. In another scene, Anko's party who is searching for Kabuto follows a trail of dead bodies which leads them to Madara's hideout! Anko decides to regroup and inform the Konoha at once.
Naruto's scene is shown next. The key to the Kyubi's seal in front of him. He is then told the true nature of the Kyubi's chakra. That in order to fully control the kyubi's chakra, his own will must be stronger than the kyubi and free of hatred. Naruto finally decides that he can do it and places his hand on the key to release the Kyubi. The next scene transitions to Killerbee who is thinking hard on his next rhyme. He is in the meeting of his village. Kisame, disguised as a sword is hearing every word in the meeting..

My comments:

I've always suspected that Tobi might not be the real Madara. Perhaps the 6th corpse Kabuto summoned was the real Madara. Well, that's just my suspicion. Surprise us Masashi Kishimoto-san.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gaming have became better

A player in Eve online just made this to play 12 of his/her account in the time, all of them can be bought you just customize them like this.

Monday, April 12, 2010

FMA 106 Review

The Counter Attack have begone and the Homoculus can only go defenses, the new circle was made by the brother of Scar that he realize the existence of the homoculus and the Country's unnatural Alchemi so to make sure the homoculus plan's failed he create the new create to unlock the Country's unlimited source of alchemi.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ozine Fest 2010: day 1 and last visit

While waiting the SM Megamall to open we have some breakfast in Jolibee
with my 2 brother's and my older brother wife and we chat while waiting
when the mall was open everybody rush in to be first in line to get the ticket sadly for us we get the quarter of the line and there still more coming.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Angel Beats: Opening theme Review

The opening theme is so much similar to any Visual Novel but add the piano play of Tenshi, whose the main enemy in Angel Beat.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun: Tsundere Moments

Half of the first Episode is all Tsundere here some of it

Mayoi Neko Overrun: Episode 1

The first scene show a little girl crying on a rainday and said she not a liar that seem somebody's past memory after that a Fat cat holding a alarm clock, Takumi Tsuduki, who is asleep, is being wake up by a childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa but a lucky accident accurred, on Takumi awaken he saw the stripe's panty of Fumino, and the beating happen while shouting "Die Twice already!" with the sound of being tormented, after that he explain about his childhood friend for being dishoney(in other words Tsundere) and they goes to school, while going to school, they meet there otaku friend, Ieyasu Kikuchi, who bad mouthed Fumino by comparing a galge to real life and does get hit. After getting hit, they meet Daigoro Koya, who admired Takumi's older sister, Otome Tsuduki, who always help somebody and because of that she not

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

K-ON! Season 2: Episode 1

The Season 2 start with a solo guitar of Yui(Fuwa Fuwa Time) with a new way or style of guitar play(like rock N roll yo!) this episode show that they become senior's(except Azusa) and a fix setting of their teacher Sawako-chan, they all together in one class include Nodoka however when Nodoka mention Azusa being lonely for next year, Yui became a bit serious to recruit new members this year an Azusa too, Mio got scared of the conclusion if Azusa became lonely so she will help too, the others are trying to be serious too, but Yui think even they do not have a new member, they will stay the same and be together and so Azusa decide to be strict to Yui while they have no new member.

in my opinion this was fun and exciting to watch specially when they think like Mio imagine Azusa dark future made me laugh(I thought her does not have a scary imagination or maybe its just the effect of Ritsu pranks to Mio) and also the Op & Ending song really like it

 (op and Ending song)

FMA 105 Review

In this Chapter there main Foe have gain Godhood by sacrificing all the Amestrian in the country and all the remaining survivor will face the power of the new god however Hoienheim made a counter measure against him by use the other philosopher stone in his body to a specific place then use the moon shadow to create a circle that will Revive the whole country,

 making the Father of the Homuculus weak to control the god inside him but still have time to fight. After the death Battle Between Scar and Wrath, Scar use his both hands to activate the another counter circle to make the others use alcheme again and the final battle against the homuculus have come

here the last op song of FMA Brotherhood

Can you identify all the songs?

If you recognize all the songs, then you're one major OTAKU! Hehe!

Heroman Episode 1

Well the first episode is like all Innocent Boy dream to be a hero or have a hero and one day suddenly there comes to life just like that however this anime show a bit different yet the same plot. The Protaganist Joey Jones(every 80's name) who dream to buy his favorite toy/robot herobot or whatever, and seem the type of kid get bully alot(just being friend's to a leader of the bullies sister) and there always friend that stop bullies and a professor who contact Aliens(but they seem the very bad guys that doesn't come in peace) until one day the bully accidently there herobot and throw it like nothing and Joey fix it but on the day of the arrival of the Aliens at night there shockwave from the warp created a lighting storm at earth and give life to the new repaired herobot and now call Heroman and Rescue his female friend from the accident but soon the battle on earth will begin.

the only thing the scene i like there was the frankenstien stlye giving life

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naruto Chapter 489

Title: Heading towards the ninja wars


This chapter starts out with a colored page. The frog sages are trying to decide whether to allow Naruto to release the Kyubi. The Great Frog Sage decides he must see Naruto's future first and commands to summon him. Tsunade-sama is awake now and is eating a lot. Sleeping for a couple of days can get someone really hungry. And speaking of hungry, the girl from Sasuke's team is with Konoha's interrogation team and refuses to speak unless they feed her a Katsudon. Kakashi seems relieved that he doesn't have to be Hokage, but Tsunade sees the coming war as a serious matter and calls for a meeting immediately.. well, atleast after she has eaten.
More about food, Naruto is in his favorite Ramen House and receives the news from Sakura that Tsunade is now conscious. The Ramen guy who also heard the news celebrates by giving Naruto free ramen, but before he could eat it, he got summoned to the Frog Sage's place and ate the worm ramen accidentally. Lol!
The war counsel begins in Konoha.
The Great Frog Sage looks into Naruto's future and sees a meeting with an Octopus, and a battle against a boy with power in his eyes. The Sage finally decides to give Naruto the seal to release the Kyubi.
Anko's team is still looking for Kabuto. Kabuto appears to Madara. Madara seems suprised by this. He sommons the corpse of fallen comrades and Kabuto tells Madara that he wants to join his side.

My comments:

Is releasing the Kyubi really the best idea? The only mention of how the Kyubi was controlled was through the Sharingan, which is the Sasuke's main weapon. Wouldn't releasing the Kyubi be an advantage to Sasuke? Would his Sage power be compatible with the Kyubi or will it short him out? Well, if it's Yondaime's intentions then maybe it's the best. Afterall, fathers know best. I have a bad feeling about this but then again this also means that the manga has more surprises in store for us. Yipee!

Let's ask what Zeus thinks?

Release the Kyubi!!!

Fine, nobody argues with Zeus.

Never Ending War

Front Mission Evolved bring the new gaming system in Front Mission series and it not tactical chess battle anymore, plus they making it also a online in the U.S. talk about aweasome(well they this new internet) for once i too wanna play a little bit upgrade in technology hehe

here the trailer

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ozine Fest 2010

4 more day's to go and will be there for sure, If i remember correctly this was my first anime convention that i go for 3 year and now i hopeit will be more extravagant then before(oh I am so excited)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

At the Anime have been final show and just as i excepted, but only i notice something different, Misaki's Hair is longer than the manga and here the evidence

                                                                        (see the difference)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mio Figma

hehe the new Mio Figma is so cute! and this reminded me about the first song in K-on on the School Festival was nice and yet funny at end(when i saw the rice hehe)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hitagi Senjougahara Figma

At last a Figma of Senjougahara in Bakemogatari have finally shown(too bad by july its release) but yeah its very nice and artist way to make it yay!

When Light and Dark fight together

Hexzy Force is the game going to be release this year May. The story is about the moving world of light and dark, in two side there were a crisis happening and only to solve this crisis is to the middle between the world of light and dark

When Afterlife still have School

Angel Beats! is the story of Otonashi, a boy who lost his memories of his life after dying. He is enrolled into the afterlife school, where the story set at Middle Ground a place mid between earth & heaven and to get to heaven they must learn to let go any lingering attachment(that why they have to go schooling) however others have plans like Yuri, a girl who look like haruhi, invite Otonashi to the SSS(Shinda Sekia Sensen) it mean Atferlife War Front, a organization lead by her to fight against God. well like all school they have student council and the president is a Angel name Tenshi, who monitor the status of the school, a servent of god and fight against the SSS

In opinion this new anime made by the founder&creator of KEYS Jun Maede will be a blast and a epic(too bad, it said to have 13 episode only sob sob) I hope i can play the game of it hehe

here a trailer
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