Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heroman Episode 3

The Skrugg mothership have already arrive to American, Joey and his friend see upcoming danger

the spaceship hover over the city then stop at the abandon factor/ power plant(they could stop at a place with more people)
They send down there troop the spaceship at the same time around the area where they stop
Killing and destroying all right at front of them leaving nothing behind, absolute Annihailtion
Joey is worried of his grandma, Psy like to help Joey, Lina wanna come too but they said Lina need to take care Proffessor Denton for awhile(because he is the cause why the alien come to earth, I wonder what the people will do to him once they found out hehe) however they were stop by Will, who saw everything that happen with Nick, Will seem hated Joey even he's about to become a true hero, Joey said to Will "I'm just going home, Psy somehow insulted Will making him angrier than before
 Meanwhile at the white house while the President is jogging with his bodyguard, one of them receive news about the Alien attack, at first they not believe it but it seem there were true.
at the same time the police give everything they to stop the advange of the Skrugg(Still useless to use gun like hehe)
The army arrive with a lot of tanks, some police were happy when they came
The Tank's fire at the Alien and thought were destroy but they only slow down and not even a single dead Alien
Joey and Psy walk thier walkthrough the aftermath battle on the street, seeing all was destroy and burned, then Psy quick pull Joey and hide, there were 5 skrugg patrolling the area, Psy ask Joey what they will do, and said "let them pass" because his more worried of his grandma(or just his tired to fight for awhile)
there was a enemy very near them(but why cover each other's mouth, this remind me about holding each other's kraken hehehe)
good thing a apache appear out of nowhere shooting at the Skrugg(but still have no effect) then it was shot down, Joey was shock and the alien's go away, Psy snap Joey from his shock, so they keep going to his house.
Meanwhile at group to jetfighter's were to attack the mothership but it have a force field(like the independence's day, i hope there no suicide pilot stlye)
they were all blast by laser snake or whatever you call it, then the enemy begin to do the next phase
there are establishing a base and thier like a root of a tree spreading at the abandon place, while building there base, the Skrugg, still move forward even the army giving all they go
mean while Will and Nick have a plan and objective, Will want to be a hero, while nick wanna be famous,
Meanwhile when Joey and Psy arrive to there destination, a group of Skrugg arrive the same place, destroying all the houses near them, Joey have no choice to put Heroman into action(this time was running while killing one Skrugg after another, very strong) but his out number.
However Joey Heroman by using the force field to block the large attack, because of this there bond become stronger.
A new symbol have appear at Joey controller then he press it.
and Heroman change mode into Blast form(or Super Saiyan Mode hehe)
because of this Joey defense become stronger and Heroman takeout the 3 last enemy in the same time, after that they safety get his grandma, meanwhile the Skrugg announce themself's to the whole world that they are the ruler of the universe and will destroy anyone who resist.

In my opinion the Heroman start with the theme of "save the cheerleader, save the world", and there first heroic display was saving Lina, who is a cheerleader and the ending will be saving the world from the skrugg very obious indeed hehe.

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