Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Naruto Chapter 490

The chapter starts out with a conversation between Kabuto and Madara. Showing 5 corpses of fallen akatsuki members. The same jutsu Orochimaru used against the third Hokage. Kabuto wants to join forces with Madara and summoned a 6th corpse. This one shocked Madara the most but the corpse is not shown in the panels. In exchange, kabuto wants Sasuke. Madara agrees to join forces but gives a condition that he will only give Sasuke if Kabuto can prove his strength in battle. In another scene, Anko's party who is searching for Kabuto follows a trail of dead bodies which leads them to Madara's hideout! Anko decides to regroup and inform the Konoha at once.
Naruto's scene is shown next. The key to the Kyubi's seal in front of him. He is then told the true nature of the Kyubi's chakra. That in order to fully control the kyubi's chakra, his own will must be stronger than the kyubi and free of hatred. Naruto finally decides that he can do it and places his hand on the key to release the Kyubi. The next scene transitions to Killerbee who is thinking hard on his next rhyme. He is in the meeting of his village. Kisame, disguised as a sword is hearing every word in the meeting..

My comments:

I've always suspected that Tobi might not be the real Madara. Perhaps the 6th corpse Kabuto summoned was the real Madara. Well, that's just my suspicion. Surprise us Masashi Kishimoto-san.

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