Thursday, April 15, 2010

Naruto Chapter 491

Confining the Hosts

The frog with the scroll to release the Kyubi is being forced down Naruto's throat. The Frog is the size of 2 adult fists, so yes, it looks excruciating. Finally the smaller frog sage kicks the scroll frog in to shove it in completelty. After that he is told that he can now go back to Konoha. The Great Frog sage tells Naruto to look for the Octopus. He is said that it he will find the octopus in an Island that is a paradise to animals.
Naruto gets teleported back to the Ramen place. An adult ninja there asks for Naruto's Autograph (yeah, i know..) He's actually asking it for his kid who is a fan of Naruto. (Aren't we all?) Then another ninja beside him asks for it too. They're calling Naruto the miracle boy that saved Konoha. Even the Ramen guy noticed his growing popularity. He seems pleased with Naruto's new status and has a proud-for-Naruto look on his face.
On another scene, the Kages gather on a meeting. Tsunade is with them this time. The oldest of the kages asks where they should hide the Jinchuurikis. Tsunade is surprised by this because she was not in the previous meeting and forcefully objects because she says that they need Naruto's strength, but Gaara says he knows Naruto well and that he takes too much risks for his friends. But after a recommedation from Shikamaru's dad, Tsunade stubbornly agrees. The Raikage suggests they hide the Jinchurikis in Komugakure on a secret island where he and his brother trained. On the boat to the way to island Naruto and his party gets attacked by a Squid. (Does a squid and an octopus have differnt number of tentacles? I didn't know that) And Killerbee and the Hachibi shows up to the rescue.

My Comments:

I can understand Tsunade's frustration. Naruto was able to save Konoha single handedly from a force the entire village couldn't take out with its combined force. For Tsunade and for the most of Konoha, Naruto is a hero and the most powerful force Konoha has. He is still a genin though, right?

Naruto's rising popularity is good. His achievements so far are contrasting with Sasuke's. Naruto saves an entire village but Sasuke's defeated an entire village without killing them. I wonder which feat is greater? Sasuke has an Unextiquishable black flame, the Highest form of Illusion Justsu, and a big skeleton thinggy that also acts as the ultimate defense and offense. Naruto has his Sage Mode, the Kyubi's limitless Chakra, and the ability to summon a Giant Frog. I'm not sure how Sasuke will benefit fromn Itachi's eyes, but as far as I can see, Sasuke is already at an advantage with his Sharingan since Naruto still hasn't learned any counter from Illusion techniques and his Kyubi can be subdued by the Sharingan.

Maybe it is a good idea to hide Naruto and Killerbee in a dangerous Island to train. It's finally time Naruto learn some stuff from people who has actually controlled they're tailed beast, or got along with them atleast. Killer bee is the best guy for that. Why not Gaara? Well he didn't really get to control the Ichibi. He just let it go berserk, like what Naruto does often. So killerbee is the only candidate left since all other Jinchurikis are dead. The problem is if Killerbee brought Kisame with him. Then they're hiding would be in vain, and Kisame would learn of all the training that Killerbee and Naruto had done. He could also divulge their location so I guess hiding would be useless then. The only advantage i see is that the Island looks dangerous enough so Naruto can become stronger.

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