Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun: Episode 2

The Morning start a bit peaceful including Takumi's friends but Fumino want ask about the new girl that Otome pick up but was interrupted by Takumi's two guy friends, At class Fumino try to ask Takumi about the new girl with a bit tsundere emo but because of the wind, he got to see a nice orange and white view that trigger the Violent morning hehe, After that he tell to Fumino and the others about the new girl and her name is Nozomi Kiriya, who have a unknown background, Fumino think that she a orphan like her.
After school the bakery still not open because Otome is out shopping some clothes for Nozomi, Fumino go get her uniform for the bakery while the other about to go to dress up until they see a very bright light.
Nozomi was just finish taking a bath and the three guy saw her naked, the other two are shock but Takumi seem back to normal(only bit crazy worried to her to get cold than shock seeing it)
after that Fumino ongoing to complain about the light blub but the three guys staring at naked Nozomi, the broken light bulb suddenly make light and fumino turn it into a light saber
Otome just arrive home and just saw the three were beaten up(good thing there not cut to pieces hehe)
Fumino scold Nozomi for not being embarass and Nozomi think that she is a bother to them but Fumino stop her and said a dishoney words that are opposite to what she said.

the next day was suppose to be a break but the whole friend arrive on early morning and include Fumino, that seem worried about Takumi, everybody going to help to bake a sponge cake, Takumi will teach Nozomi to learn how bake, somehow Fumino is having her dark jelousy Aura
(well, look like going to have other beating day hehe), after teaching her how to beat the white of the eggs, Takumi leave Nozomi to do her Job while he help Fumino, the other not much doing work
(like this guy on the left just dance while the other just stare at him, and the one working is the machine) After they bake the sponge cake, Otome appear out of nowhere trying to teach them how to put a nice decoration,
but it become a epic failure, and the reason why the bakery still survive because many young man like Takumi come to see Otome, Nozomi wanna try, so she begin to make the decoration
She did better than Otome, She praise her to be the patiessier of the Stray Cat, Nozomi smile and everybody seem happy.
the next day Nozomi enroll at Takumi's School, and became popular(specially to the boy's hehe)
Next class was swimming class, and many boy's wait for Fumino in swimsuit(not bad, me like it), Nozomi wearing Fumino extra swimsuit, Chise is a bit mad because Nozomi suppose to be her underling,
Nozomi curiously stretch her swimsuit making all the boy's blush(Very white skin indeed).
when Takumi, Fumino and Nozomi go home, there was a tyhoon and Otome go to Europe, where there a typhoon also, because of the Typhoon there no customers coming, Takumi tell Fumino to stayover but she refuse, so Takumi walk Fumino home at the stormy night, he went back home and sleep, suddenly the cell ring and Fumino was calling to open the door, Takumi oen it and Fumino was wait there.

In my opinion can Fumino be honest to her feeling's and said I love you, straight, or where just waiting the other female characters to fall head over heels to Takumi, anyway this anime going to be short so i expect much more comedy than ever

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