Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heroman Episode 1

Well the first episode is like all Innocent Boy dream to be a hero or have a hero and one day suddenly there comes to life just like that however this anime show a bit different yet the same plot. The Protaganist Joey Jones(every 80's name) who dream to buy his favorite toy/robot herobot or whatever, and seem the type of kid get bully alot(just being friend's to a leader of the bullies sister) and there always friend that stop bullies and a professor who contact Aliens(but they seem the very bad guys that doesn't come in peace) until one day the bully accidently there herobot and throw it like nothing and Joey fix it but on the day of the arrival of the Aliens at night there shockwave from the warp created a lighting storm at earth and give life to the new repaired herobot and now call Heroman and Rescue his female friend from the accident but soon the battle on earth will begin.

the only thing the scene i like there was the frankenstien stlye giving life

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