Monday, April 12, 2010

FMA 106 Review

The Counter Attack have begone and the Homoculus can only go defenses, the new circle was made by the brother of Scar that he realize the existence of the homoculus and the Country's unnatural Alchemi so to make sure the homoculus plan's failed he create the new create to unlock the Country's unlimited source of alchemi.
The Main enemy escape the battlefield to get more human soul, the other's follow him while Edward fight against Pride, Roy Mustang meet up with Lt. Hawkeye and seem Roy want to fight to with the help of hawkeye, Pride gain the upperhand and try to steal Edwards body(because there the same blood hehe) but look who still there,
   Kimblee! whose now part of Pride and seem having fun in him, he interfer Pride body transfer because that a work of a caword and not doing his real job as a homoculus for kimblee's logic, so Edward use his Alchemi to turn Pride's original form, at the top surface the Father of homoculus try to get nearby human souls but stop by Hoienheim, of course this time he use a psychological tactics, he bring out some of the people of Xerxes, to make sure that Hoienheim won't defend against his surprise attack.

Now the conclusion if all of them make out alive but too sure that Edward's Automail is broken

For my opinion Kimblee one a heck of a psychopath, he even enjoy the scream of tyhpoon in Pride but thank's to that Edward defeat Pride, and I thought this was the last chapter, maybe there still two more chapter's before it end's and i hope it the same end at the FMA Brotherhood hehehe

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