Friday, April 23, 2010

Heroman Episode 4

After saving Joey's Grandma, Nick and Will are near to the enemy base trying to be heroes by stealing the Skrugg weapon's.
Joey and Psy safely bring Joey's Grandma in City Hall(While Stan Lee here seem having problem)

Lina said that Professor Denton went back to his lab, Joey and Psy go to where Denton is, Denton found out the Skrugg technology is far advance than the current human technology(we all know that), but the only one on earth that can beat them is heroman(anyway its only the thing that special)
Meanwhile Will and Nick have able to sneek in and gone to the weapon storage, where Will take the Skrugg's Handgun(because that only the one can work for them) until the Skrugg have found them and surround them, and the Lazer gun that Will have is not working anymore(they already use up the energy or they just got lucky) making them unable to escape.
Will and Nick are capture and meet their leader, its seem their the replacement for denton(serve them right hehehe)
Denton try to activate Heroman but seem that Joey is only the one that can make it(Denton still doing idiotic stuff)
They saw the giant sphere that is headed to City Hall(from all places why that, so common)
Joey activate Heroman to stop the sphere but instead destroying the sphere, Heroman got run over(Yes, the funny accident like all anime) Heroman rise again and try to stop the sphere from all know moves he have but its was so dense and hard

Psy warn the people in City Hall to evacuate(but Stan Lee here having other interest while evacuating)
Denton give of a idea to make a hole so the sphere will stop, Heroman create a hole on the ground and it was successful however the sphere shape itself as a spike ball making it out of the hole

Heroman using all his strenght to stop the Sphere but doing so making his fist damage and destroy
Joey suddenly have a new symbol and this time him and Heroman seem to connected
Joey press the symbol and call it Heroman Augment, making Heroman a giant super saiyan replacing his broken hand with a eletro hand, by doing so he able to stop the Sphere even with its spike form. All the people in City Hall have Evacuated and Heroman let go the Sphere so Joey can rest(seem Joey and Heroman is connected us one) but the worst have begin to become more worst when the Skrugg's more Sphere at a different direction

This opinion of my is this anime heading a tragic story of a hero or there more to meet the eye here, i hope Stan lee can surprise all of us more in the next episode that seem Will and Nick turn into Skrugg(wow talk about a nemisis)

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