Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angel Beats: New Opening Theme Review

At the episode 4, Yui who is a Number 1 fan of the Girls Dead Monster, volunteer to replace Iwasawa, who disappear after she accomplise her own song. The opening change Tenshin's Plano play to Yui's guitar rock making the other fan's of the Angel Beat think which is better opening theme

For me Tenshin's piano play give's off the feeling that is Clannad have come in a new series, but for Yui's guitar rock give's off the actual goal in Angel Beat making it more old school yet new feeling's(in other word's it good if not the same theme like clannad), but after the song, I did not except doing a accidental hang while she finish her performance, making look like Death Metal Rock you know what i mean, right?

so its up the others to decide which is best for me i go Yui-nyan for awhile until i get to hear a new opening theme, for now here the two opening, so you can decide it by listening to it.

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