Friday, April 16, 2010

Bleach Chapter 400

Deicide 2

Rangiku Matsumoto gain consciousness and the first thing she notices is the presence of Ichimaru Gin.
Gin and Ichigo are still in the middle of their battle. After blocking the ultra long sword of Gin, he is surprised that he shortened the sword this time to the size of a small dagger. (Reminds me of Kujirou Sasaki from Yaiba) The two start hacking at each other but ichigo still keeps an eye out for the dagger fearing it could suddenly extend at any time. Ichigo feels somehow that something was off. After several hard blows from Gin that was dodged by Ichigo, he finally realized what it was. Gin's bankai is the speed of extending the sword, not its length. Meanwhile Gin talks to himself saying how scary Ichigo is for noticing it so quickly. I also comment to himslef of the speed of Ichigo's growth.
On the next scene, is between Aizen and Ichigo's Dad. He comments how Aizen seems to be slowing down. Aizen says he's at the end of his rope, but only as a Shinigami. He claims the Hogyoku is transforming his soul to become the supreme being.

My comments:
So the plot turns out that Aizen is just another one of those bad guys who wants to be a god. How often do we see this in Manga, anime, and video games. I'm actuall surprised that Ichigo's dad can keep up with Aizen. Is he really that strong? I'm still wondering what this means for ichigo. Okay, so his dad is a Shinigami, what could that possibly have to do with him become so strong so quickly? Why is Gin turning out to be scared of Ichigo's rapid growth?

Another thing I'd like to comment on is Gin's statement that his Zanpakuto is not the longest. If his sword isn't the longest, the whose is?

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