Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heroman Episode 2

After the first heroic display of Heroman, Joey thinks what he going to do to him(if were me i said use for world domination Lol) first he test how power is Heroman can be and this happen
So powerful enough to destroy a house size machine in the abandon factory(I wonder if Heroman can destroy a fleet in a sec) After that he fear that Heroman is too powerful and he think that he can't take responsibilty to have him,
while think of his problem the aliens are senting scout to earth.
look a cone drone but it a pod sending down three aliens, mean while Joey still think about his problem then lina come out behind the tree.
this look like a girl flirting with a boy but Lina here wanna talk about what happen to her accident but Joey avoid the subject and ran away, leaving Lina suspiscous to him. Joey try to console to his grandma but she did not believe him and talk to Psy, his best friend whose working right now, He seem not to believe Joey's story but he think that Joey is being overwhelm from his imagination with his new toy, so he said this
 "What is Heroman to you?" Joey suddenly think answer to that question but a customer arrive, Psy said answer that question later, just of it, ok. Somehow Joey already know that answer, at the same time the Aliens arrive.
 as usual in Alien old movie the Aliens reek havoc to humanity, of course some try to fight the Aliens
but why a police? and where's the Military? Oh well the police warn the aliens to surrender(like they going to listen) but continue to attack, so the police fire every gun they have however they seem like bullet proof.
There not even tickle and so they Annihilate the whole police after that they report to there leader about

there status and there were bring professor Denton, who contact them for a sample(very Alien indeed).
Meanwhile at Joey's school, he and his school mates listen to the news on the radio.
The news said the street's are being attack by Aliens, then Joey suddenly remember what Professor Denton talking about a Alien contact, then he suddenly rush to Professor Denton Lab to warned about the coming of the Aliens, as soon as Joey gets to Denton's lab the Alien have arrive to
 (I wonder why staff's, they can make a tracker like ghost buster thingy) Denton was so happy to meet his Alien contacts and the Aliens introduce themself as Skrugg and they come to earth to destroy it(very honest) and tell to get him and together people near him,
it happen that Lina was there too, watching a the whole scene, Denton try to distract the aliens while he tell Joey to runaway, but Joey did not runaway, he have his answer and he activate Heroman.
Heroman walkout in the bag while growing to his giant form, he take out one of the Skrugg with one blow, the others fire the big laser at Heroman but did not effect him, the other's near Heroman got hit by the shockwave making Lina fly away, Joey run to save Lina from falling.
Its seem that Joey have power too, so he leave Lina to the care of Psy who just arrive then go battle against the Skrugg.
Heroman beat up the Skrugg who have a big gun, the smash it to the ground turning the Skrugg into a shell like pod, the last one panick and start shooting random to Heroman, then Joey press the punch sign on his control making Heroman use his electro punch(or whatever you call it)
 After that he introduce Heroman as there new superhero, however Lina correct him that there are two new hero, and that other one was Joey, he was happy to hear that to Lina, but the brother of Lina, Will and his friend whose seem to watch the whole scene, Will seem angry at him even more, Joey and the other seem to going to party after that fight but the real battle have just begun, the Skrugg mothership have arrive on top of the city then to be continue...

Most the ending is like a comic book style but i can't complain that much since stan lee is also made this story like this, I wonder if the english version is good to my ears too hmm, oh well that all for now until next episode hehe

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