Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou: Episode 1

Like some anime they start to a mysterious past, this is about a woman wear a double cross, carrying a baby, worried to the unknow enemy, she leaving the child at a monestery and wishing to the hope that he'll bring. After the decade have the child have grown as a man
 He arrive at the train station to look for the bus to his school but accidently saw the underwear of the girl who pass by(but why rope like underwear), after that he saw a old woman drop her luggage and , he kindly help her to pick up the scattered luggage.

After that he insist to carried the luggage up stair, but the old lady decline making them agrue who carrying the luggage, but the old woman grand daugther saw her gandma in troble but misunderstand(from this point a view, who will think he's doing good!?) and attack him
making him saw accidently again the rope cloth underwear, After that she apoligize to him about the misunderstanding, after that they introduce themself, the guy who have a pointy arrows at his eyes, name Akuto Sai and the blue haired girl is Junko Hattori.
The ask each other dream, Junko want to continue the duty being Suharaist, who guard the emperor for generation, while Akuto want to be a High priest to change the world(but why the image of a Pope)
Junko came to like Akuto, so she put out a old tradition of oath being a friend, Akuto gladly accept it however if one beatrayed they will be killed(more like seppuku)
 After that they finally arrive at Constant Academy for Magic Arts, Junko explain the detail about the school and where he suppose to go,(Junko is really cute in this scene)
Akuto arrive at the nurse office where he meet Mitsuko Torii, a physician who will bring all the transter student to a Yata Garasu, who predicts a future of the student, and always been 100%.
Akuto was next to the test and the Yata Garasu saw a dark future that he will be demon lord, everyone was shock and include Akuto who have a dream to be high priest was shattered,
After that Akuto went to his classroom 1-A with his Homeroom teacher Mitsukii, who is excited to dissect Akuto if he died. Junko also Junko is also there too, but seem not happy to see Akuto, the teacher introduce him making the whole class run to the back part of the classroom, Akuto try to correct the misunderstanding of the class to him but make it more worse, After the incident, Akuto was place to the back off the class
The Teacher selecting a student to be class representative, Junko was place by default became she was the class presentative last year, but a other student, Hiroshi Miwa vote that Akuto to be class representative, but Akuto refuse instead he want to help with cleaning duty(but why with a serious eyes) but in that school cleaning Duty means to destroy anyone to protect the school secret(in other word is a guardian work) that make even the stituation more worse making Junko dual Akuto,
   Junko attack Akuto merciless, he evade all her attack until he hug her at the back making the guy go whoa!(I would say the samething hehe) making a embarassing stituation, that making Junko more angry, Akuto manage to catch the magical wooden sword cause his whole arm bursting with mana creating a explosion that even a magical barrier can't handle cause to blow up the whole classroom, making Junko defeat and wonder why he have that power(so he did not realize it until now huh), after the incident he went to the boy dorm to rest while he meet the self proclaim servant Hiroshi Niwa(Aka dispensable lackey/peon), then he ask Hiroshi to help him to go to the girl's dorm to apologize Junko, but it was misunderstand again(like romeo and Juliet) that try to kill him again, while running for his life he meet a red hair girl who saying poetic words to him, Junko saw him with the girl making more angry(i call this jelousy) the red hair girl try to protect Akuto but seem adding the burden(he one lucky with girl yet unlucky with fate)
Akuto was about to meet his doom however he accidently unleashe another devasteting power that create a creater at the ground and once again defeated Junko, but suddenly a girl appear out of nowhere, introduce herself as Korone,a observer.

In my opinion this anime seem like a kyo kara maoh meet kamfer(because most the girls wear the same uniform of the Kamfer) but the main character is not a total idiot, he is more like Kyon who is trying to have a normal life(but how can be normal in a magical world hehe) well this new anime is good enough for me

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