Friday, April 23, 2010

Naruto manga Chapter 492 review


Killerbee jumps into the boat where Naruto and the others are. He greets them with a "Hey yo!" Naruto gives a strange look at Bee and thinks if this Octopus is the one that will lead him. It's also revealed that Guy-Sensei is also with them on this journey but it seems he's a bit seasick.
The Island turns out to be a dangerous place filed with gigantic animalsm and Bee has tamed them all. He must be really strong. Makes me wonder if Kisame would've stood a chance if he didn't have that sword with him. A barrier has also been setup around the island to fortify its security to defend the Jinchurikis. Naruto seems to be impressed of the fact that he tamed all those gigantic animals and tamed even the Hachibi. Naruto goes to Bee's place and asks to be taught. Bee decides not to says he's on vacation. Naruto does a bit of rap himself and this seemed to hav gotten Bee's attention. Then Bee says something very strange to Naruto, "You've gotta start with a Greeting! Bump fists with me and give me a beat." Naruto bumps fist but then says, "your shades are pretty shady." That really didn't work out too well, so Naruto decides to use the same technique he used to get Jiraya to teach him. The Harem no Jutsu!! Well, that just made it worst and Bee shuts the door on Naruto. Naruto hates the way Bee is treating him. He feels he should be more sympathetic to him or just treat him nicely since they're both Jinchurikis. Bee doesn't seem to like Naruto's attitude. The chapter ends with the Komugakure Ninja telling Naruto that the first step Bee did to train was the waterfalls of truth. Naruto is told to close his eyes in front of it and he will see the truth. Naruto closed his eyes, and when he opened them an evil Naruto appeared.

My Comments
Wow, an evil Naruto. I think the waterfalls of truth shows you the dark side you've been keeping. After accepting this dark side, the person's will shall be more stable since he will have more self awareness. No more self denial or lying to himself. This was also the same thing the frog sages told him.
Now, as to why Bee was unaffected by the Harem no Jutsu, when every other ninja even Jiraya and the 3rd Hokage were not immune to, is beyond me. Could the Hachibi be gay?
Lastly, the bumping of fists must have a significant meaning for the Komugakure culture. This angle is yet to be revealed in the manga and might just be the key that will get Naruto to be taught by Bee.

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