Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naruto Chapter 489

Title: Heading towards the ninja wars


This chapter starts out with a colored page. The frog sages are trying to decide whether to allow Naruto to release the Kyubi. The Great Frog Sage decides he must see Naruto's future first and commands to summon him. Tsunade-sama is awake now and is eating a lot. Sleeping for a couple of days can get someone really hungry. And speaking of hungry, the girl from Sasuke's team is with Konoha's interrogation team and refuses to speak unless they feed her a Katsudon. Kakashi seems relieved that he doesn't have to be Hokage, but Tsunade sees the coming war as a serious matter and calls for a meeting immediately.. well, atleast after she has eaten.
More about food, Naruto is in his favorite Ramen House and receives the news from Sakura that Tsunade is now conscious. The Ramen guy who also heard the news celebrates by giving Naruto free ramen, but before he could eat it, he got summoned to the Frog Sage's place and ate the worm ramen accidentally. Lol!
The war counsel begins in Konoha.
The Great Frog Sage looks into Naruto's future and sees a meeting with an Octopus, and a battle against a boy with power in his eyes. The Sage finally decides to give Naruto the seal to release the Kyubi.
Anko's team is still looking for Kabuto. Kabuto appears to Madara. Madara seems suprised by this. He sommons the corpse of fallen comrades and Kabuto tells Madara that he wants to join his side.

My comments:

Is releasing the Kyubi really the best idea? The only mention of how the Kyubi was controlled was through the Sharingan, which is the Sasuke's main weapon. Wouldn't releasing the Kyubi be an advantage to Sasuke? Would his Sage power be compatible with the Kyubi or will it short him out? Well, if it's Yondaime's intentions then maybe it's the best. Afterall, fathers know best. I have a bad feeling about this but then again this also means that the manga has more surprises in store for us. Yipee!

Let's ask what Zeus thinks?

Release the Kyubi!!!

Fine, nobody argues with Zeus.

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