Wednesday, April 7, 2010

K-ON! Season 2: Episode 1

The Season 2 start with a solo guitar of Yui(Fuwa Fuwa Time) with a new way or style of guitar play(like rock N roll yo!) this episode show that they become senior's(except Azusa) and a fix setting of their teacher Sawako-chan, they all together in one class include Nodoka however when Nodoka mention Azusa being lonely for next year, Yui became a bit serious to recruit new members this year an Azusa too, Mio got scared of the conclusion if Azusa became lonely so she will help too, the others are trying to be serious too, but Yui think even they do not have a new member, they will stay the same and be together and so Azusa decide to be strict to Yui while they have no new member.

in my opinion this was fun and exciting to watch specially when they think like Mio imagine Azusa dark future made me laugh(I thought her does not have a scary imagination or maybe its just the effect of Ritsu pranks to Mio) and also the Op & Ending song really like it

 (op and Ending song)

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