Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun: Episode 1

The first scene show a little girl crying on a rainday and said she not a liar that seem somebody's past memory after that a Fat cat holding a alarm clock, Takumi Tsuduki, who is asleep, is being wake up by a childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa but a lucky accident accurred, on Takumi awaken he saw the stripe's panty of Fumino, and the beating happen while shouting "Die Twice already!" with the sound of being tormented, after that he explain about his childhood friend for being dishoney(in other words Tsundere) and they goes to school, while going to school, they meet there otaku friend, Ieyasu Kikuchi, who bad mouthed Fumino by comparing a galge to real life and does get hit. After getting hit, they meet Daigoro Koya, who admired Takumi's older sister, Otome Tsuduki, who always help somebody and because of that she not
 always around to manage the Bakery "Stray Cat's". and on the way to school, Fumino saw cat ear(or a hair) at the garbage but she thought she seeing thing's then go to school. At school they meet a nice friend, Chise Umenomori, a grand daughter of the founder of the school and seem want to get the attention of Takumi and his friend's. Chise wanna go cosplay with Takumi using the theme "Grand Braver" but Fumino disagree and so Chise is dissappointed until they saw the cat girl and bring her to her house. At the bakery the Cake that suppose to be deliver was already eaten and the kid is the suspect but the kid said a Cat girl eat it but nobody believe except Fumino and so She help to find the real suspect with the kid. mean while at the mansion of Chise the cat girl went miss with the cosplay and Chise start looking for her. At night in the shopping district the cat girl appear chasing it was Chise, Fumino and Ieyasu(who want to get her) but escape and the true was the kid was lying to apologize he give Fumino a roll cake and go to his father. at that time Otome return home with friend the cat girl

In my opinion the Anime is funny when a tsundere scene and the mistakes of one person after another, the last part really gives the Moe, Can't wait for the next episode

here the op song

let see what Black Hanekawa say about this

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