Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WORKING!! Anime Review

Have you been in a Family Restaurant? Well I imagine like in the TV, they serve there customer in normal order and some of the waitress have roll skate while servicing, but how about a waitress with a samurai sword, or a waitress who punch only man, or a cook whose look like a gangster and his assistant is a blackmailer, and all over more there Manager do nothing but eating all day long. In the Anime known as Working!! The restaurant name "Wagnaria" have all those kinds.
The story start at Winter were Poplar Taneshima, who is short as a elementary and sometimes clumsy, search for new recruit for the restaurant because of low staff, somehow a man who love all small and cute things (he can be a lolicon) Souta Takanashi, who just passing by seeing Taneshima and agree to have a part-time job at Wagnaria, At first he got all weird from the way how things work at the restaurant, specially have find hard to deal Mahiru Inami, who have fear of Man and everytime she near a man, she punch a death blow that can really kill(mostly Takanashi get hit 3 times a day hehe). For the other, The Manager Kyouko Shirafuji, who suppose to be the most busy person, is the most lazy person in Wagnaria, she eat food most of the time and only motivate or agreed if food is involved, She will do anything to keep Wagnaria on business, even means to use force. Yachiyo Todoroki, Whose a waitress always bring a sword everywhere she goes, and her greatest happiness is the server Kyouko, on the other hand, Jun Sato, the cook whose always make fun of Taneshima, have a crush on Yachiyo but haven't told to her because his too shy or know that he be misunderstood by Yachiyo, and the another chef whose knows many things, Hiroomi Soma, always talk about to others there secret and made his work much easier, but it won't work on Inami or Sato because they always hit him(specially to Inami, from just see him up close, strike a first blow before he get a chance to talk.)

Well each episode is getting funny but some are plain joke that not funny, still the story of Souta and his family is actually more fun than the one's of the restaurant and his way to make a better relationship with Inami, so he won't be killed someday. From the episode goes on further some new character appear even they do nothing enough screen show, well i hope there reason 2 for these. 


  1. This Anime Seems Funny I'll be watching it.

  2. hey i finished it who is the maya girl...did i miss an episode or something?

  3. Wew...I always watch it. Darn it I'm going crazy. Maybe I should also apply in Wagnaria..... All employee are weird. LOL


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