Saturday, June 26, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 13 Final Review

Like the Story of Clannad, It have a sad yet most satisfied happy ending.
After 3 days have pass since the battle against the shadow, Yuri have waken and seem confuse why she did not appear or the Otonoshi group not disappear(maybe because they have not a proper farewell to each), Yuri somehow change to a shy girl(I can agreed with Hinata about her being cute) and Kanade have her emotion back(well she become much cuter than before), the other SSS member that remain in the Battle against the shadow have disappear three day's ago before Yuri have awaken, only leaving here things behind to make sure they exist in that world(oh Tamakatsu was free being a NPC, but still disappear). In those three day's Naoi, Hinata, Otonoshi and Kanade have prepare a graduation ceremony, there they graduate themself with satisfation(but the School Anthem and the closing song are abit out of the normal Anthem like Mapo Tofu song hehe) After that Naoi say his good byes to Otonoshi and thank him then disappear, Yuri apologize to Kanade to all that she done to her and say Farewell to them then disappear, Hinata thank Otonoshi, if it weren't for him the SSS might still battling Kanade and Say his good byes to him then Disappear.
Otonoshi goes outside with Kanade and tell her that to stay in the Afterlife School, they can help the new people(dead people) to pass on and also, he doesn't want to seperate from Kanade because he fallen in love to her, however Kanade reveal her regrets why she still in the Afterlife school because she haven't thank Otonoshi for donating his heart to her while she was alvie in the real world. So Otonoshi cry knowing with just saying thank you to him will make Kanade disappear and she disappear leaving Otonoshi heart broken but shortly he disappear also, At the ending scene, Kanade whose already reincarnated humming the "My Song" and the sametime, Reincarnated Otonoshi whose passing by, recognize the song from Kanade,  whose already walk away, chase her to tap her shoulder.

Well that's one satisfying ending, Its seem that the World of Afterlife doesn't affected on timeline, so in any year or era you died with regret, you will be at the Afterlife school, Only how long you'll be there. Well Otonoshi was a error, so he might take longer before he got to Afterlife school, And last was Kanade Heart beats when Otonoshi is near her that give off the Title Angel Beats! a story of Kanade in Afterlife School.
Well that's all for Angel Beat! I hope Jun Maeda make another interesting heart moving story on his next work.

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