Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Review

Its also known as the "Dusk Maiden of Amnesia", The is about a young woman name Yuuko Kanoe, by some strange occurrence, was left to die alone in the former building of the Academy for Sincere Teachings. Mysteriously, there is one person who can see her in ghost form: Niiya Teiichi, a freshman. Now they both seek to find out the reasoning behind her death, and what could have caused it.
I read the Manga of it and its not that scary but more mysterious and funny, like all the rumor of ghost stories around was Yuuko fault and such as she might be the only ghost in school, at least Niiya can see her as human, unlike others see her as a evil spirit for those believe in ghost or actually can them. Its shows here that ghost are just more like a imagination of some people rumur that can create an illusion that hunts you, so in people eyes, show Yuuko as a scary ghost, but for Niiya, she a Scary beautiful and sexy woman, make want to think that she not like what the rumur said hehehe.

For Yuuko character image all most the same looks in the manga of Nurarihyon no Mago, who happen to be the toughest enemy of Nura in the Kyoto youkai Arc,

Well in this lastest translated chapter 5, show how sexy and alluring can Yuuko be, even the one who translated it got interested to her(If were really, I like to have a taste of her hehe)


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