Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Naruto Chapter 498 Review

Today's word of the day is Dattebane! Well its something that Naruto's Mom said, maybe the apple doesn't fall far tree after all.

At the Dire stituation where naruto was going to be consume by the hatred of the Kyuubi, Kushina appear in front of Naruto. At first Naruto suspect that the woman in front is the Kyuubi's true form(yeah, right! if its the Kyuubi, its gotta be have a sadistic look not a Kind gentle woman) because his misunderstanding, he got hit with a word Dattebane! somehow because of that word, Naruto realize that woman is his mother(Dattebayo! and Dattebane! do sound the same?) well there meeting was heart warming but first she chain the Kyuubi from the inside of naruto and at the outside the process of turning in kyuubi was stop at half.
Kushina tell to naruto the tale about how she meet Minato, Minato and kushina were kindna rivals, since there dream were to become hokage are the same. Kushina have a red hair that become the object to tease her by the boys when she young, well she not the kind of type to get bullied, so she beat up anyone who tease about here hair(She more like sakura, if you ask me) however for Minato, he praise kushina's red hair for being beautiful and that's how she fell in love to Minato. Even she was kidnap, Minato was the first one who save her, because of the trail of red hair that Kushina leave behind. So if Minato is yellow and Kushina is Red then Naruto is orange(only on the clothes he wear's not on the body)

Well its was nice that naruto get to meet his mom before they capture the Kyuubi's Charak, but only thing i do not know that were naruto's naughtness came from, is to the Mother or the Father, well anyway thing look bright in there battle. Only hope that Kisame won't come out on the wrong stituaton.

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