Sunday, June 27, 2010

Danny Choo + Fakku meetup at Anime Expo

This is the formal front page announcement for the dual FAKKU + Danny Choo meetup at Anime Expo. It is currently being dubbed the "Los Angeles CGM Night". CGM night is the meetup that Danny hosts in Japan and this will be a less formal version of that. As far as I know the meetup is all ages and entirely free for people to attend. We will hopefully be giving away prizes and random little things, so if you're at the convention or in the area, be there

Wow, I didn't know that this two big site will meet up on Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Just figure it out while visiting Fakku, Well Its the Storm Trooper VS the Head Horse Man, who will win the Battle at Anime Expo or they decide to join force at this event, anyway its will become a Epic in Otaku history

For those have a chance to go to Anime Expo here's a Map for the meetup
I hope they have good picture or Video in that event hehe.

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