Friday, June 25, 2010

Dead Master Figma

Well there were alot of Figma of Black Rock Shooter, but this time her arche nemisis Aka. Main enemy, "Dead Master" have show her figma,
 Well imagining precious image of Dead Master(when she have a sword and a floating two black skull on her side) wouldn't click, because don't have a Bad Ass aura or something, good thing in the anime, she look more sinister look with a big bad scythe on her hand, only thing wasn't change from her is the Two Black Skull with her and the chain(thought there only use for background back then hehe)
Now the only question i have is which is better? The one with the skull or the one with the chain, I like more the skull than the chain, because its more evil Bwahahahaha!!!


  1. I don't want to dissapoint you but this is not a figma figure, it's just a PVC model scale 1/8 of 'death master'. This one will be released this year for certain and of course there's a figma of 'death master' announced at Hobby Japan but unfortunately there's no set release date for the figma. I really want to have the figma as much as you do but I guess all the death master fans have to wait till the release date has been officially set. I think the figma figure will be around 14 cm high just like the black roch shooter figma and that it will be around 3800 yen, seeing as the figma has a lot of accesoiries including two skulls with their own stands so they can hover in the air.

    also the figma and PVC have several differences:

    while the figma can be posed with the poseable joints and the various hands and accesoiries the PVC only comes with an addible skull or chain which is pretty new for a PVC figure, the PVC unfortunately can't be posed like the figma and on top of that the PVC is very expensive compared to the figma... I think in dollars it would be around 140 - 160 for the PVC and around 45 - 60 for the figma... so you'll have a poseable figure which is beautifully sculpted for a 100 dollars less if you look at it like that (I'm not sure about the price 'cause we use euros here ^^;)

    so if you want a poseable death master for an excepable price then wait a little longer 'till the release date has been set, then you can pre-order her but be fast, she will be sold out pretty quickly 'cause she's very popular already, can't be missed in the collection of a figma collector.

    hope I informed you enough :D

    Enjoy your PVC or Figma if you're going to order one.


  2. Well Thank you for the information DarkestD :)


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