Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amagami Review

A boy from certain past experiences,
Graders have a good sense of Christmas.

He was too timid in love does not make her completely,
Seniors yearning "Morishima Haruka" just a view from a distance
Send a lonely school life continues.

Life had been such a hero, began one day white breath,
Chance to spend Christmas and the longing senior
I notice that last year ...

What I really finished high school without anything?
... No, certainly not like this!

The hero managed to berth for love,
this year's Christmas is motivated to spend with the girls.

Honor members of the class ...
Underclassman who has been transferred ...
And seniors yearning ...

Girl meets a variety of Christmas ... and the hero's welcome!?

This is the introduction that said on the game Amagami, Its seem the story will start on winter near the day of christmas and that time you need to pick one of the six girl before the christmas eve is finish, the main protagonist have a name tachibana(or have a another name) like some main character, he can be too kind, well some of the heroine are crazy, sadistic, energetic and cute in overall, still only need to pick one (too bad i do not have the game but I read the manga of it hehe). Soon enough the anime of it will be out on this summer and the story will be different from the game (like Kimikiss, they split the protagonist into two because having two different names hehe). Well i hope the story is great enough for me, now only mystery remain, who will be the chosen girl in the anime!? let see it soon enough.


  1. So you say some of this heroine are crazy, sadistic, energetic and cute!!! this anime has everthing i want!! :x

    OMG!!! I can't Wait for this anime to be relese in winter!!

  2. So you see this anime great? for me this anime sucks! this anime is BORING.....

    Actully I think only girls would like this kind of anime stuff, so whatever...


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