Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heroman Episode 10

After 3 months since the Defeat of the Skrugg, The Center City have returning to its peaceful day, Joey have alot of part time job and helping the contruction of the city at night, Will have gone into hiding, since he can't live as a human anymore. The remain of the sphere have set in a compound for research, Lina happen to be sad to what happen to her brother, that she might not see him again.

meanwhile the president seem secretly investigating who defeated the skrugg , but no clue accept a given codename "Ghost", and they found some evidence that the Ghost might be in center city. At school Lina meet up with Joey and he cheer her up, then Lina thought of dating Joey, but from the moment she try to ask him, there always somebody interrupted them, At night Lina was waiting at Joey's home to talk to him, at the sametime Joey call that what she going to ask, however Lina was kidnap and Joey saw it on there way, So Joey stop the kidnappers and Heroman electrify them, safely rescue Lina and bring her back home, were Lina ask Joey to a date. meanwhile the Kidnapper was apprihende by the police and one of the on lookers was a government agent and reporting to the president that the Ghost exist.

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