Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Naruto 497 manga review

Kyubi VS Naruto

For the longest time we were always wondering what would happen if Naruto were to release the Kyubi.On this chapter we finally find out!

Naruto goes head to head with the Kyubi. The beast gathers an energy ball then bites on the ball of energy just like what the Kyubi-Naruto did on that battle with Orochimaru. All this happens while Killerbee Raps instructions to Naruto how to overcome the Kyubi.

The Nine-tail then, like tha battle with Orochimaru, bursts out a powerful energy blast from it's mouth! Thanks to the Hachibi's interference, the blast was caught and Naruto was unharmed. But that was about it for the Hachibi's help. After that blast it was all up to Naruto.

Grateful to Killerbee, Naruto then switches to SAGE MODE. Then attacks the Kyubi from the top with a Super Sized Rasengan from above!(although in the panels Naruto wasn't shown to use a kagebunshin for this Rasengan though, hmm..) The Kyubi easily blocks it with its tails and disperses the massive ball of Chakra.

Naruto however catches the fox by one of its tails and uses his awesome Sagemode Strength to throw the Hachibi over his shoulder leaving the Ninetail ot its back!

Out of nowhere two more copies of Naruto throws a Futon Rasen-Shuriken giving a direct hit at the Kyubi!

While the rapidly spinning jutsu grinds the Kyubi's body, Naruto attempts to connect with the Kyubi's Chakra in hopes to control it. But Naruto's Chakra is immediately overcome by the Fox's exremely malicious power that is full of hatred! Naruto who was winning the battle seems to have suddenly been overwhelmed.

The battle inside Naruto starts to emanate to Naruto's physical body with the Kyubi's Auro slowly forming around Naruto's body. This has Killerbee and his mentor from Konoha worried.

Sagemode is completely lost. One of Naruto's eyes turns to that of the Dark Naruto at the fountain. At the brink of loss, Naruto meets a person he had no way of expecting to meet at that place and that time.. his mother!

My Reaction:

I think the process of taking control of a tailed beast is similar to a Bankai or a Pokemon. You have to weaken it first, subdue it to your will then its powers will be yours.

I don't think that concept is new, but what I do wonder is that everytime Naruto is in the brink of losing to the Kyubi someone important to him shows up.

On his battle with Pain when he almost released the seal, Minato, his Father showed up to save him from making a huge mistake. Now, his mom Kushina has appeared when he was at the brink of being takenover by the Kyubi's extreme hatred.

Could it be possible the his mother left a residue of her consciousness to Naruto, just like Minato did? The nest chapters are really something to look forward to.

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