Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bleach Manga 405 review

It's an exciting week for some of our favorite manga Naruto and Bleach. Especially bleach where something surprising happens

The chapter starts out with Matsumoto running toward the battlefield. She's been only healed enough to keep her alive. I feel like she'll die before this arc is through.

Ichigo sucks in this chapter. He's in despair. It's only natural for people to feel this when the challenge faced before them is too great. But as a hero of the manga, Ichigo should pull himself together before it's too late. Even Gin thinks he's pathetic.

So It's the 3 exiled shinigamis; Yuroichi, Urahara, and Isshin. Versus the transformed Aizen. The same Aizen acknowledges Urahara's superior intellect. The three attacks with a triple combo.

Urahara Attacks with an Energy blast to blind Aizen for Yoruichi's melee attack. This one breaks a crack on the face of Aizen's white exo-skeleton. Yoruichi follows up with a second punch that Aizen easily catches this time only to realize that it was just a distraction to let Urahara release his Zanpakuto and use a Binding technique followed by and succession of explosions. And just when Aizen thought that was it, Isshin appears from smoke of the explosion striking Aizen with a technique that's very familiar to us but was very unexpected... Getsuga Tensho!!!

What a team-up. While reading this it reminded me Marvel vs Capcom 2. These three veterans sure make one heck of a team. Even if Aizen were to survive that blow unscathed, I'd still say this chapter showed the best team-up in Bleach History.

But still, why does his dad have a Getsuga Tensho? Does that mean he shares the same Zanpakuto spirit with his son? Does he also have Zangetsu as his sword? Can Zanpakutos be inherited? We know through the Movie that Hyourinmaru was shared by 2 people, could this be the case with Ichigo and his dad.

Oh man, more questions! Clues anyone?


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