Thursday, June 24, 2010

K-ON! Season 2: Episode 12 Review

Yup this episode sure Rock Hot, It summer break and the K-ON! Club last training Camp for the senior's. All of the them including Azusa, plan at Yui's House that what to do this summer break. Ritsu said to train in the mountain, but Azusa have a better plan, she wanted to go to a Battle of the Band event called Summerfest, However they do not have tickets. Good thing that Sawako have ticket for them(she appear out of nowhere again), So the trip to the Summerfest will start. Everybody was excited except Sawako(she got hang over from drinking all night long with her friend in the old band of her's) Mio, who suppose to be shy all the time have a bust of excitement without shame(well she good thing she not shy all the time hehe) everybody have fun and a bit depression (Mugi and Yui did not get to eat what they wanted and Azusa still get tanned even she already applied sunscreen protection) Well at night All for them stare at the starry night whille listening to the music. Yui felt that someday they too, will go back to the summerfest not as Audience but as a Band to play there song and music to others. Mugi, Ritsu, Mio and Azusa agree with the idea of Yui and to be a band forever.

Well I got excited with the summerfest in K-ON!! and also touche from Yui's word to be a band forever, but life is not that simple and reality is really cruel, I wonder what kind of song they have?, if they were be a band in the future. well next episode is the summer pool fun with Azusa still tan hehe.

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