Sunday, June 13, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 11 Review

This episode is the best, the SSS have now a unstoppable enemy known as "The Shadow", They attack anywhere at anytime and seem have endless number, At first Yurripe suspect Tenshi (she out the question, since she follow Otonoshi's command) while there investigating Kanade, a horde of shadows attack TK, Noda and Shiina in the fields, Kanade goes to rescue with a show up her new ability, "Wings"(not for flying, but falling with style hehe) Yuri and the others help Noda's group, Its like a really war unlike the past battle against Tenshi, Of Course everybody defeated the Shadow(With a speedy win of Tenshi) but after the fight, they have heard that Tamasku(the stripping muscle nerd) was eaten by the shadow and absorb in the ground, at the next day, he appear but himself anymore. Yuri believe that the Shadow's can eat his soul and the body that can be immortal will become a NPC, does the theory of the endless school cycle in another words he can't disappear anymore. Yurripe call all the SSS member and tell the dire stituation, She announce the group of Otonoshi's plan that might help to escape the dilemmia, Of Course, some disagree but It was the only way to stop further victims of becoming a NPC. Yurripe tell them to do what they want and she disband the SSS ,in the other hand, she seem to figure out, where is the Master Mind Aka the God who create the afterlife school, the one created the Shadow and the one who give Kanade the software "Angel Player"(Since Yurripe said that Kanade is a human, which means that the Afterlife school is create by a human) Only Yurripe found out, there is a unknow tunnel that lead to the Guild again, which mean that who build that tunnel might be somewhere in the Guild(since Yuri was surprise to see it means she doesn't know it)

Now only the Mystery to solve was the regrets of the remaining members of the SSS, which means that the Novel or Manga will tell there story and the Creator of Afterlife school. Who might be the Creator? would be a familiar character of the SSS or another person who Yurripe or Otonoshi only knows in there time while there alive. Well see the next episode.

In some theory of Tamasku becoming NPC, the Shadow's might not eat Tamasku but dragged him underground, where the Guild reside and their the Creator of the shadow take his soul and put in the Certain container and the body that is left over became a NPC. That might be the reason why are so many NPC, because they were humans back then and do like Yurripe did but they all became NPC in the end and there soul are with the Creator. This make me realize that there might be a Very old Character who stay long ago there and give Kanade the Angel Player to be his/hers new successor of the Afterlife School before he/she disappear, but all of this is a theory, so believe it or not, Its your choice.

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