Saturday, June 19, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 12 Review

The Angel Beat! story is about to end within next week, Its was so exiciting and fun, but alot of details are still missing, maybe at the novel or manga will show the details.
The battle agaisnt the "Shadow" still continue, Otonoshi and his group are prepare to battle, Hisako and the Other Band Members of Girls Dead Monster with the Majority of SSS have come to say farewell to Otonoshi and thank him then they disappear. Otonoshi and his group were left to fight the Shadow, however reinforcement have arrive, Noda, Oyama, Fujimaki, Shiina, TK, and Matsushita(who became incredible thin, that doesn't fit his voice) join the battle. Meanwhilec Yurripe is following the trace of the culprit were the shadow appear the most, When she running out of ammo, Chaa appear and give Yurripe extra ammo and firearms, He said Since the Battle is going to be finish, the Guild is diaband and the remaining members will help the fight against the shadow, after that Chaa disappear knowing his purpose is finish. While nearing to the enemy hide out, she was caught one of the shadow then dreaming a reality where she having a normal life, but she snap the illusion fast enough before she totally absorb to the ground and with the help of Kanade and Otonoshi and his group, They save Yurripe and help her to the enemy hide out.
Finally they found the hide out but its was filled with shadows, however with the help of Kanade, they are destroy in one blow, still the shadow are coming up. Otonoshi and his group will stop them, while Yuriipe stop the Creator of the shadow, When she arrive, she found one NPC there who seem to program the shadow. Yurripe discover that the program "Angel Player" can change or control the world and the reason why the shadows appear, because it was detect love in the world of After life that doesn't suppose to exist. The Creator of the Angel Player made this program  to have the possibility to meet his beloved one who disappear in the After Life, but he did not remain sane, so he develop a reset program to turn himself an NPC and also to never repeat what happen to him. The NPC tell to Yurripe, if she use the Angel Player, she will have the power to control the After Life World, Yurripe laugh at first because she succeded to have the power of God, however her love to protect her friends were greater than her desire, so she destroy every last PC in that room and kill the NPC there. Yurripe having regrets that she love her friends more than her family, at the sametime her little Brother and Sisters have appear infront of her and said "its alright, you have done well and thank you for never forgetting us." She crying after hearing those words and felt like disappearing in peace. In the ending of the episode Yurripe wake up in the Clinic, seeing Kanade, Otonoshi and his group.

I must say its was the best episode to End the Angel Beat! but sadly there still one more "The Graduation" I think there will they say their Good byes, and the mystery of the other remaining character's in After Life School might reveal or not, but I'm sure they will reveal how Yurripe died and Kanade regrets, If not well i will wait for the Novel or Manga to reveal their secret, Well until next week for the last Angel Beats! review l;ater hehe.

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