Friday, June 11, 2010

FMA 108 - Journey's End Review

At last the awaited ending have finally arrive, the last act of the Full Metal Alchemist.
For those who watching FMA Brotherhood, I advice that read it with your own risk(spoilers Ahead!!)
 Continuing the part where Father Aka. Boss Homoculus, getting beat up pretty bad by Edward. He suddenly attack Greed to have the remaining philosopher stone, Lin Yao try to stop Greed for being absorb but Greed trick him, so Lin Yao won't be absorb with him. At the sametime Greed call Lan Fan to cut Father hands to be sure that Lin Yao won't be absorb, then Greed making Father weak and fragile as charcole but got kill by him, disappearing with a trace of satisfaction. Edward use this opportunity to punch a hole on him then he was suck in the hole that Edward made, completely leaving without a trace. At the Door Truth, Father awaits the punishment that the Supreme being will give and the same way that the white figure said to edward, he was suck in the Door of Truth to feel the Despair. After the Battle, Edward try to think a way to bring back Alphonse, Lin Yao try to give him the last philosopher stone to him but he refuse, Hohenheim try to give him his remaining philosopher stone but he decline with calling him father that make Hohenheim happy. Edward look around and thought a way to bring back Alphonse whole, he use a human transmutation circle and stand on it then active it, At the Door of truth, he face the white figure again and ask him what he will sacriface this time, he go closer to the gate and said, "This big one", Edward was going to sacriface his gate to save his brother, but the consequence that Eward won't be able to use Alchemy again, however Edward said, "As long I have my friends with or without Alchemy, Its will just fine" The gate of Edward have disappear along with the white figure, Alphonse show up at the other gate that will bring them back home.
After the incident in central, everything have gone back to normal, Alphonse becoming healthy again and plan to go to Xing to study the Alchemy in that country and to meet Mei Chang there. Mustang have regain his sight with the help of Dr. Marcoh, who give him a condition that he will revise the policy of Ishval and leave him at Ishval to become a doctor there. Scar was help by General Armstrong, to heal his injury and to help the rebuild of Ishval. Lin Yao have become Emperor and promise Mei Chang to Protect her family. The New Furher, whose the leader of the eastern military, talking with Ms. Bradley and having taking care of Selim, who seem forgotten all about being Pride and having a normal grow as a human. Edward was going to travel to the further west, out of the courntry and it seem that Winry and him have become couples. At End of the last page saw the picture that Edward and Winry have children. Hohenheim, who die at the grave, he's now buried beside his wife. Yoki was become a clown in the circus with ther allied Chimera. and Mustang team have return as a group except for Falman whose part of the Briggs already.

Its a very nice ending, Where everybody is happy except for the defeated Homoculus, unlike the first Anime of FMA, many people die and some of them were not happy about sacrifacing others of save others, and the end of that anime was only the Elric Brother were happy, but what about Winry and the others, can't they be happy also. So I say this orginal story is the best story of all FMA. Only I hope that the anime have a extra scene before it ends. 

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