Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naruto 499

A New Seal

While on a Chakra power struggle with Kyubi, Naruto finally gets his resolve after meeting with his mother, Kushina. The chains Kushina used to restrain the Kyubi has been broken and it's all up to Naruto now to fight the Kyubi now that all doubts and fear has swept away by his mom's kind words.

An army of Naruto's kagebunshin's attacks the Kyubi with a barage of Rasengan's. That's not all he does this while on sage mode. I mean all this kagebunshin's in Sagemode!

After hitting the Kyubi with an extremely huge Rasenshuriken, he successfully strips off the Kyubi's Chakra and absorbs it as his own.

Kushina, having fulfilled her final duty will now join Minato, Naruto's father. But before she leaves, she has a shocking truth to tell Naruto..

Overall, I enjoyed this Chapter. Here we see how far Naruto has taken his skill and succefully seals the Kyubi         like his father did. I'm just curious as to why and how his parents died. If Naruto was able to seal the Kyubi, I'm sure Minato, as the fourth Hokage, shouldn't have broke sweat doing it. I mean, Minato also had sagemode and rasengan and a whole bunch more Jutsu than Naruto has off his sleeve. Why did minato have to die? The only difference they had probably would be Naruto's ability to create insane numbers of Kagebunshin, and his Rasen Shuriken. But Minato should be able to defeat the kyubi or even just seal it without having to die!

Oh well, there will be no Naruto Chapter out next week. We'll have to wait a while for Kushina's shocking revelation and back story. She is so cool!

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