Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Soul Eater: Repeat Show" Op & Closing Theme

Well my first thought's were they making season 2, but like the title said "Its an Repeat Show" in another words they just change the op & Closing theme of Soul Eater that all.
What I discover from my research in the net that TV Tokyo continue to rebroadcast the anime, however the anime was license already. Its means that They made the Op & Closing Song to Avoid copy Right law also got permission from the company that license it. Whatever there reason that they rebroadcast it, Its fine anyway and good for the Happy Halloween hehe.

Here the OP & Closing Show of Soul Eater : Repeat Show


  1. Despite the ending, Soul Eater was pretty good. Plenty of good characters- Maka's dad was my favorite.

  2. they have to keep going with it is an amazing show. If they did make another season of soul eater it would be maka, black star, and kid, making there weapons (kids-patty and liz)(black stars-tsubaki)and (makas-soul) all death syths.


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