Friday, October 8, 2010

Advance Announcement for TWOGK season 2!!

From ANN:

The website of the Japanese toy retail group Takarajima Create Group has posted a solicitation sheet that revealed that the second season of the The World Only God Knows anime has been green-lit for broadcast in April of next year.
According to this solicitation sheet for a tentatively named “Metal Plate Collection” for Bandai’s Gashapon prize vending machines, over 2 million copies of Tamiki Wakaki’s original manga have been published.

Well this sure surprise me because the Anime series of TWOGK have just started, they already plan an action for season 2. Which means that the season 1 might end up to 3 months or before April were the season 2 will start up and running. I didn't think this is possible, but it become possible because the manga of TWOGK is already very popular plus Anime with great Theme and Music equal the advance season 2 of it.

 Anyhow I expect more surprise in this Anime hehe

1 comment:

  1. FINALLY. I hope they follow the storyline of the manga cause then it would be really good. But personally, i prefer the manga graphics to the anime graphics. :)


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