Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku ~First Impression~

Look like from Sorcerer Orpen

The Opening Song and it first scene was very Vampire like theme than being a romantic theme, However later on the story show pretty much like a Rich school theme.

The Animation are fine and the music, The story was normal at the first episode(the fun part only there was the Bath scene hehe), but the second episode sure make me laugh so much Lol.

 The Fate meeting "Lol"

 For the Loser Award goes to Koihei for being dense hehe

The Patch that surely make you behave

Well the romance sure goes to most of the Heroines there, but the main focus of the story is about Erika and Koihei than the others.

I do not know the story of this Anime in the game but the Anime seem more like Trinity Blood or Vampire Knights that surely make a impression than the slice of life Romance genre thing. Anyway the Anime was good so far, let wait of the next few episode that might change my impression of it.

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  1. eu já assisti a esse anime e é muito engraçado =D


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