Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gensiken : New Generation

Gensiken is back!!, with a new Club Members that will surely give a lot of interesting things. The story is about the Chika Ogiue , whose now the Club President of Gensiken and how she handle her new members.

The Manga of the New continuation Gensiken is out on this site. The Manga itself sure give out new Variation of Otaku's that are updated todays anime(like Bakemonogatari) and add cross-dresser(that really look female) make the new batch of Gensiken member great. Well there were lack of introduction to the new characters, good thing there are still some old Gensiken members that might appear later on(however be sure expect Harunobu Madarame would appear on the club since he is the nearest to the Gensiken).

Anyway I will wait for the anime of this, if they make an season 3 of it or OVA at least.  

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