Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Galactic Prettyboy?

Star Driver: First Impression

Star driver  sounds like a mech anime, and it is, just not your usual one.
Would you consider CPR as a kiss?
In a mysterious island we find Tsunashi Takuto, a transfer student who's supposed to transfer to a school in that island, but for some insane reason he decided to swim to the island. It's a strange start for a story. The introduction would've worked fine until the mechs started showing up. 

These are the villains...really! 
The Animation
Fabulous animation. The color isn't too bad and CG's we're used in excess either. The battle scenes were done pretty well. especially the mech battles which will immediately remind you of Gurren Laggan. If you saw the final battle against anti-spiral you'll know what I mean. It was surreal and a lot of melee.

The Galactic Prettyboy himself.
The Music
The opening theme was by Aqua Timez, one of my favorite bands. There's also a great mount of musical score that's reminiscent of the Superman movie. The ending theme would make a great tune for Dance Revolution or one of those dance simulation games. It's actually pretty catchy.

Where they lost me
I felt pretty good about this anime until that part when they showed the secret society. They were wearing yellow masks and saluted each other with a ridiculous pose. But it didn't end there. In comes the GALACTIC PRETTY BOY. And he really didn't feel any shame when he called his title out loud."Ginga Bishounen!". Complete with a Sailormonn-type transformation sequence. I tell you couldn't bear watching it if is wasn't for the great battle scene that came next I would've stopped watching it altogether. 

Final say
Disregarding the unsightly poses and all the prettyboy crap, this anime gives a great start and ends with a bang. It introduced the hero and the villains in the story nicely and shows another Damsel in Distress that will need to be protected for the rest of the series. Still it's another great anime and is probably worth following this season.


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