Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Aro Majutsu No Index Season 2 ~First Impression~

"Don't cry little one"

I expected the story will continue at the Academy City Sport Festival were the story in season 1 stop, but they start to a story where they skip before they fight Sherry Cromwell and most of all this part didn't amaze me since this is a side story.

 No more Mr. Nice Guy

 Touma in Trouble

Blame it all to the Cat

Anyway the opening song of Mami Kawada sure is great and show a lot of character that will be on the anime  and that include Accelerator that gone much more creepier than before, also the Mother of Misaka sure look Hot(I wonder if Misaka will look like that in the future)

 Sphinx Cat Paw


Well the only interesting part of this episode were the pet cat of Index name "Sphinx" show some cuteness that many who love cat would love to see, and the part were Misaka Blush to Touma that surely became close to him.

Anyhow I can't wait for the next episode that is something new to me to watch.

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  1. The OP showed some awesome action- Accelerator looks super mad. I can't wait for the rest of this, I hope it goes for 24 episodes like the first season.


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