Sunday, October 3, 2010

Iron Man in Japan!

IRON MAN ANINE: first impression

Yes, not to spoil anything but I wasn't very impressed at the start. The animation and CG reminded me of SCRYED (if anyone even remembered that show). I was expecting something like HEROMAN since it is Stan Lee's, but the Iron Man anime wasn't that good. The opening and ending theme were terrible. It's like they just found a random fast paced tune and said, "okay let's use that one". Just because it's IRON MAN doesn't mean it needs a heavy metal soundtrack.

What I do love about it though is it's plot. I'm a Marvel comics fan and I like the idea how brought Tony Sutarku-kun to Japan. Thus everyone was speaking fluent Japanese even Tony himself.

The fight scenes weren't too bad either. Some of the moves though were taken right out of the Dragonball Z handbook. 

An Iron Man story simply can't be complete without the women and Tony's flirting. It's a given for a Playboy Billionaire to have such. So we have 2 hotties so far but only the reporter seems to be the one getting hooked,  as with the Movie. 

Speaking of the movie, the anime's plot seem to be taken from the movie. We might even say it can be placed sometime between the first and the second. You can tell by the arc reactor on his chest that it's still the round one and not the diamond shaped. 

The basic story of Iron Man is how Tony Stark tries to protect the world from his own technology that fell to the wrong hands. This anime is no different. The plot will revolve on that same concept. Only this time the setting is in Japan! Yey! So be sure to see this anime every week. It's great entertainment, just bear with annoying BGM. 


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