Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yosuga no Sora ~First Impression~

Well my first thought of this Anime is like Clannad, since it first shown the Twins Haruka and Sora in the a bit melancholy mood that try to cheer each other. Its was the perfect opening but, the opening song sure destroy the melancholy mood into a musical Romance adventure by Eufonius that really not fit the Yosuga no Sora Theme Its just too high pitch that all.

This Girl sure not honest enough

The story continue to the melancholy mood but turn into romance in some part like a coincidence method of meeting or Love in first sight, Anyway seem the MC Haruka attract most of the heroine that somehow might end up in Harem ending hehe.

 "Cherry Boy Effect"

 "Introduction need personality"

  "Bow Full Power!!"

After meeting most of the heroine's I was surprise to see the Siscon incest so soon and not only that, they still put the scene were there are erotic scene expose without censored like the breast are expose on bath or masturbating. This made me think that they in tend to put all the element in the Eroge to the Anime without changing anything except more fan service!!

 Yuri are needed in forbidden love story

so this were the siscon start haaa...

I get the feeling this will get worse than before

Well after the outrageous request from Sora, I thought the ending already but there still a omake scene that tell about the maid that want Haruka for Breakfast. After the omake, another ending is come out in a comedy twist that really is funny.

Shining Maid!!

 Sora dirt Inspection

Let see how tangible is Akira face

 Let's end this with drowning the lucky bastard

Well for overall the Anime sure bring a lot of interesting stuff that make it 9/10 for first impression. I'm excited to see the next episode to what going to happen that time hehe.

Here's the Op and Closing theme of Yosuga no Sora


  1. hahaha well yeah sometimes it's like that, but I love the ending song it's funny and the chibi draws makes it better.

  2. Actually the graphics are quite good, and the song too! But there are also definitely inappropriate parts...


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