Thursday, October 7, 2010

The World God Only Knows ~First Impression~

At last the Anime of TWGOK is finally shown. The opening song was superb and The BGM are very game like that make the anime very interesting and unique.

"Kids! Do not do this at School"

Well the Animation was a bit serious at first but later on the Animation goes to a wacky cartoon that happen same in the manga. The Voice actor of Keima was ok (but i think lelouch voice would be better) and he sound the same similarity in personally like Naoi in Angel Beats! that show he have high status as god like being or self proclaim, however on Elsee Voice actress clearly destroy my image of Elsee as a stupid girl and turn into a Stupid Moe Girl (moe but still stupid).

 Moe to the Max

 'Pat' 'pat' Finish Cleaning

Keima is Shougun of  Love

Well the first episode sure finish there first Capture Ayumi, and the BGM were perfect for romance were Keima make Ayumi fall in love to him. The TWOGK is totally like a Dating Sim game in Anime Version(In my Vision), but the Target must have a Run away Spirit, so its a more hunt than Dating Sim.

 Last Report of Keima

 God Skill: Super Sonic Shout

 A New Console in the Anime

There is light in Romance

Overall is 10/10 for First Impression, and I get the feeling this might last for 26 episode or more that would hit the main Stream, Anyway I'll wait for more episode of TWOGK.   


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