Thursday, October 14, 2010

.hack//Quantum OVA

From AnimeNFO

"The World" - an MMORPG with over 100 million users. It is a game which not only runs according to system-programmed quests and rules, but also through the administration of players. It offers diverse means of enjoyment.
Sakuya, Tobias and Mary are, together, a 3-person party experiencing The World as it suits them. Sometimes, they undertake dangerous quests. Sometimes, they wander aimlessly. At other times, they pass time chatting.

One day, they take on a particular quest which brings with it more danger than they bargained for.

Well Its seem they change most of the original character of .Hack to different personality and looks, like Sakuya is a Female Kite vision but more trouble making, Tobias is more cooler than balmung and Mary is an grown up Black Rose Version but still the same push over.

According from the official web of .hack//Quantum, the story will be totally unrelated to all .hack series or games in other words this will be an original story.

Anyway the story might be more interesting to find out what the abnormal in "the World" and then how to save it. Well let hope it nice, the OVA will be out on this December.

here the trailer


  1. Uhh.... is that a female Kite?!

  2. Well this is an alternate story of DotHack series, so the female kite is new but not named kite, her name is Sakuya


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