Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ore no Imouto! ~First Impression~

the Wtf!! face
Well the Story about a guy name Kyosuke, who like a normal life and seem getting irritated of her little sister attitude. Kirino is the little sister of Kyosuke that become very popular in a model magazine. But one day, things changes when Kyosuke discover that her little sister Kirino is a Eroge Gamer.

Well at first the Anime seem very normal and not cute at first but, later on the story change when Kirino was found out and become more like Tsundere than the cold hearted sister and what surprise me more, that she have a ton's of Eroge that are compose some famous Anime like "School day's".

 Kirino, stock of Eroge collection

Well her Eroge Collection of little sister genre can shock a normal person, still the missing element in this Anime is the music. It cannot satisfy himself if there is no good music, but at least there were must incest that are nice hehe.

 Kyosuke:Stop Kirino the Viewer's are watching


Well I already experience an Eroge before, so I understand Kirino hobby except the part that she play them because there cute and not for the erotic scene. I play for all and that include Erotic scene too. Anyway the first episode was a bit boring so i hope at the next episode there a good music for it.

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  1. I think it should be called "My Little Sister can't be this much of an Otaku."


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