Sunday, October 3, 2010

A fantastic romance!

Romeo X Juliet review

I haven't posted anything for a while now since I started my new job but I still find time to watch some anime. This weekend we look into William Shakespeare's famous romance-tragedy turned anime.

What's different about it?

Well there are several big differences but with this version, what makes unique is that instead of feuding families, this story starts out with one of the families being massacred by the other family leaving a lone survivor who will one day return for vengeance.

Although I've seen several versions of Romeo and Juliet before, this has to be the most fantastic of the lot, and I mean that in the literal sense. Flying horses, floating islands and such elements of fantasy art. And it was great! It was seamed in to the story so well that it all seemed normal. The art was terrific and the animation really great. You can tell I really enjoyed watching it.
Romeo, why'd you have to climb a tree when you could just use the stairs?
Like most good anime..

The only beef I have with this series is that like most good anime I've watched that starts out so well and awesome is that at the middle of the series, somewhere between episode 9 and 10, the mushiness creeps in and it starts to get boring. The ending doesn't seem too tragic either. For a story that's supposed to be a romance-tragedy it was too much romance and too little tragedy. But of course that's just a minor detail for me and it didn't spoil the experience, not entirely that is.
Red Zorro makes a camio
 A different kind of Juliet

If there's one thing I hate most about a story is the element of "A damsel in distress". Thank goodness this version of Juliet is fighter. Although it wasn't shown in the anime, she could probably beat Romeo up in a fight.  Good this Romeo had some rigorous activity to make himself stronger before the climax. Although there are comments that Juliet could've been drawn prettier. Juliet, not looking too pretty, makes me believe that Romeo didn't fall just for her pretty face.

Guess what's going on in this picture?
The Music

Ofcourse a review wouldn't be complete without the mention of the haunting Opening Theme, Inori ~You raise me up~ And since I'm a fan of Josh Groban's version as well, this version by Lena Park seem to fit the theme of the show. The first Heavy Metal ending theme felt somehow off because it reminds me of Death Note. But the second acoustic theme by Mizrock was very catchy. Try looking it up I'm sure you'll enjoy these two. 
This is William.. Really!
To conclude, I would say this anime was good but half-baked. Some plot adjustments would've made this anime superb nonetheless it's still a good anime. One that I would recommend to anyone. Although it's not all that bad, It's just a tad bit disappointing. 

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