Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fate Stay Night UBW Movie Review

Well the Movie first show a brief summary of the prologue that take out most the long details that would make it boring. The Story start moving slow at the Battle against Berserker were Archer and Saber fight him instead Saber alone.

There are moments that Archer seem irritated from Emiya that would seem he remember who his or he already plan it from the start, Anyway the Animation was perfect and the battle that show in the Visual Novel are shown perfectly from what the story said.

Well there are some plot hole that really contradict in the story like why Shiro still have three Command Spell, when it take one command spell to Saber from attacking Archer, or why Saber block Caster's Ruler Breaker using her body, when there a chance to cut her down when Caster throw Taiga toward Shiro. Anyway this plot hole make no sense to there reason, Well at least there are lot Rin and Saber Worthy Screenshot that you can notice from some scene(too bad the Ero scene that was suppose to an important subject in the UBW have change to non ero)(TT^TT) .

Well the UBW was shorten as short for the Movie but they sure put more effort on Archer and Shiro Battle also to Gilgamesh too that are worth watching it, Overall I give 8/10 for the UBW movie.



  1. Heh. I quite liked the movie, though I always have and always will prefer Saber to Rin. The Gilgamesh v Shirou duel is probably one of my favourite battle scenes in any anime.

    Pity they went with the 'True' end rather than the 'Good' end (Saber should be alive, damnit!)

  2. I agree that the movie turned out quite well, despite a few shortcomings. I kinda wish that they completed Archer's Unlimited Blade Works chant. Well, I can hardly blame them for choosing the true ending since this is Rin's route we're talking about.

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