Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bleach 424 - 425 Review

Well after Aizen was sealed and sentence to 200,000 year of imprisonment by the Soul Society. Everything go back to normal except Ichigo, who lost all his shinigami powers and to see spirit that make him a normal human again. After 17 months that Ichigo lost all his power, he doing the same routine except he don't fight spirit anymore just helping other like stoping snatcher's, joining clubs that involves payment and work in a Jack of all trade business(but did not last long that he quit already). Everything was peaceful however another person show up that he have a Shinigami Representative Badge that might be the same like Ichigo. The Arc title is the Lost Agent, in other words there a brewing trouble going to happen and Ichigo might go back being a Shinigami again in the hard way ..... I guess.

Anyway Bleach got exciting again Yeah!!!!!

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