Friday, November 12, 2010

An otaku's Google search

I was searching in Google one day when I thought  of stuff an otaku would most likely search for. It seems and  have been getting the most searches when it comes to the keyword ANIME.

Okay, let's try the word "Otaku"

Again more online manga and anime streaming from otakuzone and otakucenter. I read a debate before about   manga and anime piracy in the internet getting out of hand. I'm not without fault in the matter. Anime and manga are expensive and really hard to come by so I'm really thankful to free online streaming. But I'm just worried if things get any worst some thing bad might happen.

Surprisingly, nothing turned up for manga in the auto-complete feature... I wonder why..
Nor did this keyword. Hmm... this is getting suspiscious.

Now that's more like it!
I wonder what other things an otaku would search for...
In Japanese, this blog would be pronounced as "Otaku Raippu"
Anyway, I guess I'll end my quest for today. Tell us if you find anything interesting in Google ok? 


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