Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miku Miku World Domination

At the Miku's 39 Thankgiving day Concert(I just found out now) show a live concert and it not a big TV Screen that show on film or some. It more a like the first Hologram Concert that you will ever seen and I was amaze to see a 3D live.
So I check some site found out that some part of the world like Europe and American are raving about Miku's Hologram Concert and is still on going till now, even William Gibson(the father of Cyber Punk), who first criticizes Miku but later want to study Miku more. Because to the concert, Crypton (The Music Studio that Make Hatsune Miku) Announce to make an English Version of Hatsune Miku that petition by many Fan.

Well there some English song that Miku sang before that made by other fans, so is there any different from this English Version of Hatsune Miku made by Crypton? or Will it be greater than before and another Success for Hatsune Miku? Anyway I hope it won't be disappointing when they release it.

Here a few Video of Miku's 39 Thanksgiving Concert

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